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Gen. Nerd – First off, RELAX! LOL I highly doubt you “won’t be able to get laid in a whorehouse”. I seen several guys who didn’t get laid, or who made it hard on themselves by being obnoxious, but only one who “couldn’t”…and he was a mean, fat, smelly, old man who very much deserved his persona non grata status. So unless you’re THAT guy, have no fear.

My short advice: Don’t a dick! If you ARE a dick, pretend for the evening that you aren’t! Everything else is just details. LOL

I detest lineups. They are inconvenient, and give you absolutely zero sense of personality…but I know some dudes like them, so whatever. Now, I suggest that you find a handful of ladies that you find fetching, whose schedule coincides with yours, and email them. Tell them generally what you’re into, etc. and get a sense of their personality. Then you can either set up an appointment ahead of time, or meet them in the bar, where you’ll already have a bit of a connection to work with.

If you’d rather wing it. Sit in the bar, and use the hostess as your wingwoman; tell the hostess that you’d like to speak with your desired woman. If she’s available, you both can sit and have a chat and see what happens. You should have up to about 10 minutes where there won’t be any “swooping in”…but during that window you’ll need to make your intentions known. (i.e. take a tour, go back to negotiate, try talking to someone else) Don’t expect to chat a girl up for hours without her getting requested by someone else or called to a lineup. If you don’t want rush right to the back, just say something like “I’d really like to go back to your room and talk (code for negotiate a party), but do you mind if we sit and have a drink first?” If she knows you intend to book a party, she probably won’t mind taking A FEW minutes to calm your nerves.

Many of the girls consider themselves nerds too, and believe it or not, definitely relate to the shy issue, so don’t sweat it…you’ll be OK.

Best of luck and have fun!

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