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    Hello all I’m planning my first visit for sometime in late August/early September, but I’m not certain who I would see. So I’m taking the initiative to say hello and maybe start chatting with all the wonderful ladies at the house to find out who I might be most interested in. Well I hope to hear from all the gorgeous ladies and I cannot wait to walk through those doors for the first time.


    I recommend that you ook at the ladies bios and pictures, and email those that appeal to you and are scheduled over the period of time you will be near the Ranch. Talk about what you would like to experience at your party. Getting to know them ahead of time save time during the negiotiations and makes for a better party, IMO. You could also go to the bar and talk to the ladies there. I do not recommend a lineup, but some will.


    Thanks Flint for the great advice. I will keep that in mind and I’ve already sent emails to a few ladies that I found interesting just waiting to hear back when they get a chance at the ranch.


    Let us know how your party turned out and of course with whom.

    Mandi Love

    Hi arogantbstrd1!

    You’re going to have a GREAT first visit to Sheri’s! When you “walk through those doors” you won’t wanna leave our adult Disneyland!

    I look forward to meeting you 😉

    – Mandi



    I have read the phrase several times but adult disneyland is a good description.Perhaps it produces the “happiest adults on Earth”?


    Hi @arogantbstrd1
    Planning your trip to Sheri’s can be so much fun!! You get to look through so many enticing pictures, email the ladies that catch your eye and strike up a conversation privately.. We can’t go into too many details online, especially about prices, but you can always let us know what kind of experience you are looking to have and the lady can let you know if she caters to that or not.. I hope you enjoy your first time at Sheri’s and make it a regular visit! Xoxo

    Amber Lynn

    There is no doubt that Sheri’s produced the “happiest adults on earth!”

    All the gals here are fabulous and so much fun! You will definitely feel like a kid in the candy store!

    Hope you have a fabulous visit to the ranch! I look forward to meeting you!


    Thanks everyone, I already feel like a kid in a candy store and the best part is the three of you lovely ladies who have replied so far are all a part of my top five for who I would like to have my first party with.

    Charina Lee

    Candy Stores can be so very exciting….There’s just so many different flavors and colors to lick and discover the flavors that explode in ones mouth!

    I know you’re going to enjoy your visit!



    So hello everyone, I saw this thread and decided that instead of reinventing the wheel I would just add on to it.

    I’m currently planning my very first trip out to Vegas for the Star Trek convention and the end of the month, yes I’m a nerd and that is generally the problem. I hear about how beautiful and inviting all the girls are at the Ranch and start to get excited for my trip out there, but then I start reading more and more about it and now I’m terrified.

    I am so shy and stand offish that I’m afraid that I will be that guy that “Can’t get laid in a Whore House” of course from everything I’ve read many more comments like that and I’m positive that I will so I’ll do my best to stop rambling.

    Anywho, I’m having two issues that I would love to get some feed back on; First, I don’t like the idea of being put on the spot in front of a line up of drop dead gorgeous women, and the thought of trying to strike up a conversation with one of them in the bar area reminds me of every other time I’ve tried talking to someone at a bar, ie someone else swoops in and gets the girl leaving me with the tab. Second I’m staying in Vegas and if I’m reading this map right The Ranch is a bit of a drive away, and I don’t know if I can afford a taxi ride out there and back and still have an amazing time. (if I’m lucky)

    Any help and assistance, or maybe even some simple encouragement would be greatly appreciated

    The Guy that generally knows it all


    Gen. Nerd – First off, RELAX! LOL I highly doubt you “won’t be able to get laid in a whorehouse”. I seen several guys who didn’t get laid, or who made it hard on themselves by being obnoxious, but only one who “couldn’t”…and he was a mean, fat, smelly, old man who very much deserved his persona non grata status. So unless you’re THAT guy, have no fear.

    My short advice: Don’t a dick! If you ARE a dick, pretend for the evening that you aren’t! Everything else is just details. LOL

    I detest lineups. They are inconvenient, and give you absolutely zero sense of personality…but I know some dudes like them, so whatever. Now, I suggest that you find a handful of ladies that you find fetching, whose schedule coincides with yours, and email them. Tell them generally what you’re into, etc. and get a sense of their personality. Then you can either set up an appointment ahead of time, or meet them in the bar, where you’ll already have a bit of a connection to work with.

    If you’d rather wing it. Sit in the bar, and use the hostess as your wingwoman; tell the hostess that you’d like to speak with your desired woman. If she’s available, you both can sit and have a chat and see what happens. You should have up to about 10 minutes where there won’t be any “swooping in”…but during that window you’ll need to make your intentions known. (i.e. take a tour, go back to negotiate, try talking to someone else) Don’t expect to chat a girl up for hours without her getting requested by someone else or called to a lineup. If you don’t want rush right to the back, just say something like “I’d really like to go back to your room and talk (code for negotiate a party), but do you mind if we sit and have a drink first?” If she knows you intend to book a party, she probably won’t mind taking A FEW minutes to calm your nerves.

    Many of the girls consider themselves nerds too, and believe it or not, definitely relate to the shy issue, so don’t sweat it…you’ll be OK.

    Best of luck and have fun!


    That is good advice. i do not prefer lineups and do not have the time to sit in the bar. I prefer to email the ladies ahead of time and work out what I want for a party.


    Meeting ladies in the bar is a lot easier than you think. Think of the tables being turned and you are the hot chick at the bar everyone wants to talk to. We come up to you and strike the conversation and everyone at Sheri’s is really nice and comfortable to talk to. It’s kinda like speed dating because we have our 10 minutes to talk to you so most girls will try to keep you talking for those whole 10 minutes so you don’t have to worry about not knowing what to say or being shy, let us lead the way:) after 10 minutes if you feel a connection you can go to the ladies room and start talking more intimately or if you are not ready you can continue to meet more ladies and make your decision when your ready. I have told the shy ones before (because really I am a shy one too) you can be a whole different person in the bar. This is your chance to pull out that ultra-confident ego and stop worrying about impressing us, we are here to impress you! We don’t know who you are or your past, so be your best Rico Suave and enjoy the experience.


    Yep, just come on in and relax. We love to flirt and mingle. See who you connect with and take it from there. Sheri’s really is an amazing place. We look forward to seeing you!



    Hey not-so-arrogant-bastard1!
    I’ll be there on Labor Day weekend, and I’m a pretty good wing man if you need one.
    Char and Alissa are right, too. It’s a really easy place to just hang out and mingle, take your time getting to know the ladies, and generally have a blast. The pace is completely different at Sheri’s… none of that lineup “here are a bunch of women choose right now” nonsense that you see at other houses (unless you specifically request it).

    @GenNerd: In addition to skipping the lineup, you don’t need to strike up conversation in the bar. The ladies do that for you. They really know how to put even the shyest man at ease.

    @Flint: Your avatar looks like General Grievous flipping us off with both hands. Scary!

    @Char: It looks like our paths will cross for one day while I’m there (Friday the 29th). Yes!!

    @Allissa: We’ll miss each other by about three weeks. Bummer!


    I really must replace my avatar but forget to do so after reading a few posts.


    Next time Anakin 🙂


    Yes!! And there will be a “next time.”

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