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Devildog32 I had the same question before I came out for the first time. The ladies are independent contractors so there is no real set price. My suggestion is to just come out. If you are near by just take a drive out and meet them. Personally I suggest Thursday night for karaoke. If you are not near by book a room at the hotel for the night and find some activities in the area that you would like to do just in case. There is the winery and a couple golf courses, and if you have a vehicle that can go off road there are plenty of trails. If you don’t Death Valley is only about 2 hours away. I have had a lot of fun just hanging out at the bar for a couple drinks and dinner. If you feel a connection with one or more of the ladies just ask them to go back to their room. In there you can talk about what you want and your budget. Every lady I have gone back with has been more then willing to work with me. If you can’t come to an agreement that is ok they understand, especially your first time out there. Thank them for their time and you will both head back to the bar. Basically, just come out and meet them. You will have a blast if you party or not.

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