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    How do the prices work? Do you pay for time or services or what? I’d really like to come meet one of the girls but I’d just like to know what I have to shell out. Thanks girls.


    Sheri’s Courtesans are independent contractors so you must first select a Lady. The private negotiation between you and your Courtesan encompasses time and the type of party you desire such as a GFE and etcetera. Party prices will only be quoted at Sheri’s Ranch during negotiations with your Courtesan to comply with LPIN (Legal Prostitution In Nevada) laws and stipulations.

    This sex menu will provide an explanation of basic services but you may custom design a party of your own. http://www.sherisranch.com/sex-menu/

    You may peruse Sheri’s Courtesans’ Official pages by clicking on their thumbnail photos.
    Current Lineup: http://www.sherisranch.com/lineup.aspx
    Scheduled Ladies Coming Soon: http://www.sherisranch.com/comingsoon.aspx

    Sex Parties are available in your Courtesan’s bedroom or one of six themed bungalow suites. http://www.sherisranch.com/bungalow-suites/

    Clients should read Dex’s Newbies Guide since the information contained therein will answer typical questions. http://newblog.sherisranch.com/forums/topic/dexs-newbies-guide/

    I recommend staying in Sheri’s Hotel since it will allow you more time to select Courtesans and party. http://www.sherisranch.com/hotel/

    I’m certain you’ll have a fantastic time at Sheri’s Ranch!


    Hey there @Devildog32
    Each lady is different in what she offers for her parties and how much she charges.. Generally prices are based on the activities you want, time and orgasms.. Some ladies also include prices for different positions.. Fetishes, specialty parties and so on are a different price from a “standard” party.. My best advice is to bring what you had in mind to spend, and an extra credit card or cash to give you some wiggle room to ensure that you will be fulfilling your fantasy completely. Hope this helps! Xoxo


    Leave the credit card and extra cash at home. Bring what you are comfortable spending and no more. If you listen to advice to bring extra, it’s probably because they plan on getting you to spend it, lol.


    I would establish your maximum limit and plan on going no higher


    Do what I do. Plan a certain amount, drink and party too much, spend another additional amount later that night that you didn’t originally plan to, and then just work a bit harder the next 6 months at home with a huge smile on your face the whole time. Repeat.


    Olivia is right that different appetites have different budgets so it all depends on what you are looking for and the same goes for your budget everyone spends differently. One may want a steak and lobster dinner for a happy meal price, some can only get the happy meal and save for the steak and lobster or regret not treating themselves more, some get a lot of happy meals all the time :), or some like Leto get the steak and lobster and leave with a permasmile 🙂 and in most cases you actually got steak and lobster too! It is one o the hardest things to establish till you arrive to the ranch. With strict solicitation laws and everyone one having different experiences and views on how their money is spent, my opinion it’s one of those things you have to try for yourself. You’re not forced to do anything so it doesnt hurt to check it out and see what kind of meal you will be having. Worst case scenario you walk out with a blowiob… Is that really a worst case? Is anyone hungry?


    Allissa I have a strange mental image of a party being a “happy meal”


    Devildog32 I had the same question before I came out for the first time. The ladies are independent contractors so there is no real set price. My suggestion is to just come out. If you are near by just take a drive out and meet them. Personally I suggest Thursday night for karaoke. If you are not near by book a room at the hotel for the night and find some activities in the area that you would like to do just in case. There is the winery and a couple golf courses, and if you have a vehicle that can go off road there are plenty of trails. If you don’t Death Valley is only about 2 hours away. I have had a lot of fun just hanging out at the bar for a couple drinks and dinner. If you feel a connection with one or more of the ladies just ask them to go back to their room. In there you can talk about what you want and your budget. Every lady I have gone back with has been more then willing to work with me. If you can’t come to an agreement that is ok they understand, especially your first time out there. Thank them for their time and you will both head back to the bar. Basically, just come out and meet them. You will have a blast if you party or not.


    One other thing, make sure you enter the bar which is the door on the left. I’ve never asked for a lineup because I would rather talk with them first and get to know them. My experiences have been great partially because we took the time to get to know each other first. Just remember to treat everyone at the ranch with respect. The ladies and everyone else there from the hostess, bartenders (Hi Carol), the chefs, and back office staff work very hard to make it one of the most enjoyable experiences you ever have and they do a wonderful job.


    Great, great advice everyone! And Helexan, you’re pretty awesome. Thank you for becoming a part of our world here at Sheri’s.

    Another way that you can determine a budget truly is to email the ladies and let them know what you have in mind then offer a preliminary budget. The ladies can let you know if you are in the ballpark for your fantasies to become a reality with them. And as mentioned, everyone parties and negotiates differently and one lady may not accept your budget while another may…choices are abundant!


    I understand you must negotiate with the lady, but for an hour, normal sex, normal positions… How much, approximately, do I need?



    It is best to ask each lady with those requests as all of them may have a different response.

    Angel Parr

    We all set different price and most are very willing to negotiate those price as well, we do our best to work with just about every financial expectations, as long as you are reasonable we are as well. You just have to keep in mind that it will be very difficult to take a ride in the luxury of a Rolls Royce if you have only brought a Honda budget, so regardless of what they say, if you want to have a great time don’t be afraid to bring a credit card or to spoil yourself. You can get cheaper parties but they are far from the “brothel experience” and in my opinion, are a waste of your money. Parties can range from XXX-XXXXX it all just depends on what you are willing to spoil yourself with! Money is typically always the biggest concern with first timers, but just think about it this way the great thing about money is you cant take it with you, and you can always make it again tomorrow, its not everyday you can be given the experiences that we can provide!


    I wonder what an $XXXXX party entails? Might not be fit enough to survive it?


    Budget, budget, budget. I have a certain amount to spend on each party and I’ve never left unhappy or feeling like I’ve been hustled. You have ultimate control over how much you spend. But like Alissa said, don’t expect a Rolls Royce experience for a Happy Meal price.


    There is now packages you can get. They would be a great starting point. The big thing to remember is it all depends on what you are looking for. As a local the hotel is not a big thing but I love how they include dinner. It’s a great way to get to know the ladies even more.



    I am concerned about the prices as well.

    But, I am glad that the legal Courtesans are independent and willing to negotiate.

    I probably should be honest about what I really want specifically with a particular woman before meeting her.


    You need to be explicit about exactly what you want and you budget. Most ladies will work with you to find waht will work.

    Angel Parr

    There is someone here for everyone. We do our best to meet all financial expectations. If you are set on parting with one particular lady, or set on one type of a party it is best to not limit yourself, bring as much as you can, and a back up credit card. If you say to yourself I’m only going to spend such and such then you have already limited yourself before you ever go to the ladies room. Some ladies do offer cheaper parties then other, however you have to keep in mind that you get what you pay for. If you spend the least amount possible, your going to get the least amount of service as possible, if your lady isn’t happy with the price you can pretty well assume you’re not going to get the best party that she can provide. The more that you spoil us the more that we can spoil you. I always say the beautiful thing about money is you can always make it again tomorrow, and you cant take it with you, money is meant to be spent and circulated, so you might as well spend it while you got and have fun while you still can and lets be honest what better pleasure can you spend it on the a beautiful women who just wants to make you come, and send you home with a life long memory?!
    Think about it when your laying on your death bed recalling the best and worst times of your life and you come back to the first time you came to Sheri’s your thought isn’t going be darn I wish I didn’t spend that much, its going to be what a great time you had and how amazing it was to have been able to had an experience like this!

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