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Hey not-so-arrogant-bastard1!
I’ll be there on Labor Day weekend, and I’m a pretty good wing man if you need one.
Char and Alissa are right, too. It’s a really easy place to just hang out and mingle, take your time getting to know the ladies, and generally have a blast. The pace is completely different at Sheri’s… none of that lineup “here are a bunch of women choose right now” nonsense that you see at other houses (unless you specifically request it).

@GenNerd: In addition to skipping the lineup, you don’t need to strike up conversation in the bar. The ladies do that for you. They really know how to put even the shyest man at ease.

@Flint: Your avatar looks like General Grievous flipping us off with both hands. Scary!

@Char: It looks like our paths will cross for one day while I’m there (Friday the 29th). Yes!!

@Allissa: We’ll miss each other by about three weeks. Bummer!

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