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Dr. Who

If I just post my most recent list of playmates, it would be incredibly short since Destini would be the only one on my list. Hopefully, this list will start to grow in the near future …LOL

Even though I started visiting Sheri’s from as far back as 2003, life got in the way and I ended up on a 5 yr. hiatus between 2008-2013. I finally made back to Pahrump last October. Needless to say, all of my favorite Sheri’s ladies from the past have moved on, but here are some of my favorites playmates from back then… Tiffany (my ATF), Lara (my other ATF), Kristy Kreme, Girlie, Summer (a.k.a. Summer Breeze), Carerra, and Alicia. 🙂

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