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Angel Parr

Hello Rainman,
All of our ladies are independent contractors which means that it is your ladies choice as to which client she is willing to speak with. We do our best to keep all of our appointments but from time to time there are some scheduling issues, and we can only do our best to keep everyone happy.
Your particular issue has nothing to do with any of our house rules, your lady was not at all required to speak with the couple, your issue is with the lady herself. If a lady has a request/appointment that she is talking with she is not required to speak to anyone else or participate in a line up, it’s completely her choice how she services her clients.
I am very empathetic for your bad experience but please do not think that this is a normal occurrence. Couples do not come above any one else in the bar rather a request, appointment, or just a local. The point of coming to a brothel is that everyone has an equal opportunity to enjoy themselves. If you truly feel dissatisfied with your ladies customer service you can always file a complaint, or send her an email and typically she will try to make it up to you on a future visit!

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