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Hi Sparksfley

You’ve got some great questions. There’s definitely nothing wrong with being prepared!

The fact that you have such little girl-girl experience is not a problem. Most ladies who work with couples are very comfortable when it comes to a woman’s body and they can guide you through anything you’re unsure about.

Ok, I’m going to try to answer your questions in order otherwise it’ll get confusing.

1. You can email whenever you want. Some ladies know their schedule that far in advance but many don’t. I usually try to have mine about 3 months ahead. That being said, I would wait till you have dates for you trip set, it would proably be disappointing if you get to know a lovely lady and then your vacation dates don’t match up with her schedule after all.

2. Kissing is really up to the courtesan. Some won’t allow any kissing, others might only allow closed mouth or “dry kissing”. Also, for many ladies, kissing is considered part of a GFE (girlfriend experience) which is more of a specialty and priced accordingly. Kissing is something you would have to ask the lady about directly.

3. Prices are usually based on a mix or both time and activities. So a 2hr party with no sex would usually be less than a 2 hour party with sex. Couples are usually charged a little more than a single as it is more work dealing with 2 people. The amount of sex and sexual activities can also make a differece in the price. It’s best to decide as much of what you want to do as possible. The lady will ask questions and help you through this as well. Decide on a budget but try to be flexible. While we do try to cater to different budgets there might be something on your wishlist that you really want to do that might cost a little more than you were expecting. We also accept all major credit cards in case you want to splurge and spend a little extra. That way you don’t need to worry about carrying the exact amount of cash or anything like that.

4. Bungalows are great for couples. Usually once your party is booked for over a certain amount you can get upgraded to the bangalows. The bangalows are much larger than the ladies’ bedrooms and their separeted from the main building which makes them more private. They each include a hot tub which fits up to 3 people and can be nice if you want to start off slowly and get to know eachother a little more. Depending on how much you spend, bungalow parties can include; snacks, complementary dinner ordered from our VIP menu (or regular bar menu if you prefer), complementary champaign and open bar.

5. Number of finishes is between you and the lady. Generally if you’re getting a longer party then there won’t be a problem if your husband cums more than once. But I can answer on behalf of everyone else.

6. Ladies usually have a variety of toys and lube but it’s not a problem if you want to bring a favorite with you.

As far as who is good with newbie women, well a lot of us are. I love working with couples and have no problem when a woman is new to girl-girl experiences. There are also plenty of other ladies too so this is something you can ask in an email.

I hope this helps.

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