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    Two things to mention up front… I’m nervous, and when I’m nervous I babble. And? I’m a wee bit anal-retentive and thus a planner.

    Here’s the situation. My husband an I are planning to travel to Sheri’s from out of state. The timing depends on a mess load of things coming together but I think we’re shooting for my 40th birthday, which is March of next year. I mentioned I’m a planner… Well – we’ve got two opposite work schedules to arrange (I work days, he works nights), two special needs kids to plan arrangements for, not to mention saving the money 🙂

    Over the course of our marriage (16 years), the idea of a threesome has come up on numerous occasions – sometimes during the “hot” moments, sometimes logistical conversations, sometimes emotional conversations… Basically really feeling out if it’s something we (or to be frank *I*) want to do. We’ve experimented with some options, did some research, and attended some events, and ultimately I think that visiting an establishment like Sheri’s, and ultimately decided on Sheri’s in particular, was the right thing for us.

    I know some questions in specific about our experience I have should be had with the courtesan herself. Including prices. (By the way – that part is so annoying. I have no wish to gyp the courtesan, and understand the laws in regards to how and/or where negotiations take place, but furthermore – I have no wish to gyp ourselves out of the experience we wish to have because I didn’t save enough money out of ignorance. /rant) But I did have some other questions that I think can be answered generally by you folks 🙂

    Some of this may fall into the TMI range – so if there’s moderation on the forum, this might be where you should start, lol.

    I have had very little girl/girl experience. Next to none – and what there was happened many many many moons ago. Further, I have absolutely no skill or knowledge in flirting and I’m not exactly known to know how to play. I’m rather serious in nature. In fact, my husband and I put it this way. I make sure we stay on the planned path (and have probably procured several types of insurance on that path). My husband makes sure there are balloons on the path! To this day, I have no clue how I landed my husband. Beyond that, I’m pretty shy, and pretty nervous about this whole thing. At the same time I want this experience, I’m here because I want to be, and no – I’m not a prude. So that being said – I’m not sure what we should plan for (or perhaps the language I should use) when discussing things with the potential future lady we’re planning this experience with. When I was talking about it with my husband, he said that the way he saw it – I’d have to have a couple of drinks to relax and let my guard down a bit, and that the lady we did choose would need to take an active part in flirting with me – and that when push came to shove, he and she would probably have to tag team me. And he’s probably right.

    So – we’re thinking that we’ll probably come for a weekend, and stay in the hotel. We really are just coming for this, and that just seems the easier way to go. Maybe earlier in the day (probably a Saturday) that we plan on our “Big Night,” get a massage.

    Here’s where I’m running into trouble.

    1. I know that we’re going to make reservations ahead of time with someone in particular, because I’ll feel infinitely more comfortable if she and I have some contact beforehand via email. So… Should we wait until the month we plan to come, and THEN pick who we would like and make contact? The schedule doesn’t seem to go as far in advance as our planning does – so I wanted to check in on that. Or, since I do know we have someone in mind already, write her now and ask if she plans that far in advance?

    2. General question: Girl/girl kissing… Is there a general “no” to that? Or is that one of those “up to the particular courtesan” questions?

    3. Is this time based, or “what” based? Seriously – I know I’m going to need time to get comfortable with her, and warm up to what we’re doing – and potentially imbibe alcohol (just being honest). So I know that if it’s time-based – I need factor that in. Or am I asking for a Girlfriend experience (except with a couple)?

    4. Would I probably be more comfortable in a bungalow? and if so – what am I getting with that? (More time? More space? More privacy?)

    5. This seems like a totally inappropriate question, but I’m going to ask anyway. Is there a limit on er… “Finishes?” I have a sneaking suspicion that my husband is going to be extremely “happy” to be there, and his first will be fast so to speak, which would pave the way for a more interesting fulfilling longer session.

    6. Another potentially inappropriate question. I, personally, need lubricant, and assistance of the battery-operated variety or certain things just ‘aint gonna happen. Would I be committing a giant faux pas by bringing my own?

    If any of you can outright answer those questions, or at least tell me the particular phrasing I should use when we first contact our potential courtesan that would be GREAT!

    I’m sorry for being long-winded but greatly appreciate there being a forum where I could reach out and ask anyway.


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    And… Sadly, I ALREADY have a follow-up question!

    Do you know if any of the ladies specifically have a particular affinity for ushering a first-time girl through this? (Let’s face it – my husband’s gonna be happy any way you slice it. I’m the nervous one.)



    Hi Sparksfley, first off welcome the forums. Having been where you are in planning a first trip to the Ranch I can honestly say I was nervous as well. The best advice I can give you is to read as much of the forums as you can , check out the girls personal site page & take notice of any posts the girls have made on the forums. I am actually going back to the Ranch in November this year & have already booked a room for the Saturday & Sunday night. I have also emailed a number of ladies & booked 2 already. Like you I love planning & I would hate to get to the Ranch & find out the girls I want to party with are already booked. The sooner you book the better as you can then exchange emails with the Lady/s that you book a party with & get to know each other as well as explaining to her what you are looking for in your party. I know from looking at a significant number of the girls profiles that you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a lady that is genuinely bi-sexual & would love to entertain a couple. Just pick out some ladies that you think you would like to spend time with & email them. Oh in case you don’t know the ladies can only answer their emails while they are at the Ranch. As to pricing that is something you can only find out once you are in their room at the Ranch, just save as much as you can. I have only had 1 party, that was in the Roman Bungalow & was great. With a bungalow party you get a meal included & some drinks. If the length of party you are planning on is for 2 or more hours then you may be better with a bungalow as they are larger than the ladies rooms. Personally the longer the party, the more relaxing & less rushed it is. Honestly Sheri’s Ranch is a place where amazing adult fantasies are fulfilled. I hope I have helped you with some of your questions Sparksfley but the ladies can & will answer all your other questions. You should also see more replies to your posts at some stage…….. Mark


    Thanks, Mark! Yes, that definitely helps.


    Hi there, and welcome to Sheri’s forum. I would be happy to answer some of your questions.

    When you first arrive I definitely recommend hanging out in the bar and having a couple drinks to relax and get to know your lady on a more personal level rather than just over email.

    1. Although you aren’t planning to visit until March it definitely wouldn’t hurt to check through the profiles and start striking up a conversation with that ladies you are interested in. We aren’t able to access our email when we are not at the ranch so don’t get bummed if someone doesn’t respond right away, just means that we aren’t at the ranch. Also, there are a lot of factors that go into our schedule considering most of us live out of state and fly in and travel plans change etc and make effect our future schedule.

    2. Kissing is a bit of a grey area. The general rule is that we don’t swap any bodily fluids.

    3. Like I said you can get comfortable with you lady in the bar first which isn’t time limited, within reason. Once we go back to the room we can talk about time for private activity be it fooling around or just hanging out together.

    4. I definitely recommend the bungalow experience. They are a lot bigger and have a romantic fireplace, Jacuzzi bath tub, in room dining, open bar and just generally a more private experience.

    5. “Finishes” really depend on what you guys negotiate when figuring out time and activity but I personally am very flexible with that. =)

    6. I too enjoy vibrators and other fun toys. I have a wide variety of toys but you are also more than welcome to bring your favorite with you!

    And for your follow up question: I have had couples were one or both are nervous and so far every time we all ended up having an amazing experience. I have also had very nervous men and I often get told that I am very genuine and easy to talk to. You can check out my reviews and see for yourself =)

    So I hope that was thorough enough! If you have any other questions or just wanted to chat a bit feel free to email me!


    Hi Sparksfley

    You’ve got some great questions. There’s definitely nothing wrong with being prepared!

    The fact that you have such little girl-girl experience is not a problem. Most ladies who work with couples are very comfortable when it comes to a woman’s body and they can guide you through anything you’re unsure about.

    Ok, I’m going to try to answer your questions in order otherwise it’ll get confusing.

    1. You can email whenever you want. Some ladies know their schedule that far in advance but many don’t. I usually try to have mine about 3 months ahead. That being said, I would wait till you have dates for you trip set, it would proably be disappointing if you get to know a lovely lady and then your vacation dates don’t match up with her schedule after all.

    2. Kissing is really up to the courtesan. Some won’t allow any kissing, others might only allow closed mouth or “dry kissing”. Also, for many ladies, kissing is considered part of a GFE (girlfriend experience) which is more of a specialty and priced accordingly. Kissing is something you would have to ask the lady about directly.

    3. Prices are usually based on a mix or both time and activities. So a 2hr party with no sex would usually be less than a 2 hour party with sex. Couples are usually charged a little more than a single as it is more work dealing with 2 people. The amount of sex and sexual activities can also make a differece in the price. It’s best to decide as much of what you want to do as possible. The lady will ask questions and help you through this as well. Decide on a budget but try to be flexible. While we do try to cater to different budgets there might be something on your wishlist that you really want to do that might cost a little more than you were expecting. We also accept all major credit cards in case you want to splurge and spend a little extra. That way you don’t need to worry about carrying the exact amount of cash or anything like that.

    4. Bungalows are great for couples. Usually once your party is booked for over a certain amount you can get upgraded to the bangalows. The bangalows are much larger than the ladies’ bedrooms and their separeted from the main building which makes them more private. They each include a hot tub which fits up to 3 people and can be nice if you want to start off slowly and get to know eachother a little more. Depending on how much you spend, bungalow parties can include; snacks, complementary dinner ordered from our VIP menu (or regular bar menu if you prefer), complementary champaign and open bar.

    5. Number of finishes is between you and the lady. Generally if you’re getting a longer party then there won’t be a problem if your husband cums more than once. But I can answer on behalf of everyone else.

    6. Ladies usually have a variety of toys and lube but it’s not a problem if you want to bring a favorite with you.

    As far as who is good with newbie women, well a lot of us are. I love working with couples and have no problem when a woman is new to girl-girl experiences. There are also plenty of other ladies too so this is something you can ask in an email.

    I hope this helps.

    Charina Lee

    Good evening Sparksfley! Akira and Emma are wonderful sexy ladies that did a great job answering your questions. They are both very sexy women that truly enjoy what they do. The fact that we compliment each other should tell you something about Sheris. We are all here to help you realize your fantasies, your reality, your goals…whether you pick one of us or someone else. That takes a lot of pressure off as some visitors feel funny about choosing one of us and possibly offending another. We all want to be a part of your visit, but we are HERE FOR YOU! In other words, take Emma’s advice and Akira’s advice and start having conversations.

    Also, look at reviews. There are plenty of reviews with a lot of information and key words used such as “kind, considerate, patient, understanding, etc….

    I am truly a bisexual lady that enjoys making others comfortable, relaxed. I love the “teaching” role, but I have to tell you….I’ve learned a lot from others that believed they didn’t have any “experience”….only to find out that they actually know much more than they think….they just had to be in the right moment and their instincts took them to a higher place.

    To me, it’s similar to being a virgin’s first experience. I love the opportunity to be REMEMBERED! Think about it….it’s a great source of pride and satisfaction for me….to be the one you may remember for a very, very long time and in a positive, fulfilling way! It can be life changing for you….which means its also life changing for me!

    Sheri’s is a place you truly can relax and enjoy…even if just to visit and have a drink at our bar and just watch us silly girls be ourselves!

    I hope to hear from you…but trust me….there are so many courtesans that feel like I do…We love what we do!



    Akira, Charina, and Emma – Thanks so much! That helps out a lot.

    My husband and I are choosing a few ladies to get in contact with – mainly because we figure some are bound to be unavailable at that time. Gotta admit though, it feels weird – Like I’m making dates with too many guys for one night and I’m going to have to let someone down. Kinda don’t like that part, but I suppose we have to figure out who we might hit it off with for what we’re trying to do.

    I thinking that allowing for plenty of time up front, and perhaps using the bungalows is the way to go for us. That way I won’t feel rushed (which will add to my nerves).

    And since I’m looking more for an experience, rather than knowing I want A, B, and C, I think that will help. We’ll definitely be getting into contact with the ladies ahead of time with reservations and such. While I know the actual negotiations happen on site, she’ll at least know in advance what I’m thinking. Frankly, I’m afraid I’ll get into the moment and clam up, and then won’t get what I’m looking for which would be on me. So, this way, I can communicate better in writing.

    I also read in a review (sorry – don’t remember who’s!) that something another couple did was have a shorter smaller party the night before. The husband got to watch, but was hands off – and it was just so that his wife got to experience a little bit with the lady on her own, and that reduced the nerves a heck of a lot for their larger experience the next night. My husband thought that might be a good option for me too!

    Anyway, I really appreciate your taking the time to write such thoughtful answers!


    This sounds like me! I am a planner who wants to know down to the most minute detail before doing something. But I accept this may not happen with the LPIN experience.

    Hubby and I are in our mid-30s, together for 20+ years (since high school), no kids and adventurous. We are going to be in Vegas over Thanksgiving and want to partake in our first couples experience which I imagine will be not something super exotic. I have done a ton of research and want something safe, classy and legal, so Sheri’s looks like the place for us. We are very particular about looks, grooming, tattoos and a few other things so I’d like to arrange things in advance. Does being in Vegas over a holiday hurt our chances? Is now too soon to start contact? And can I set rules like no kissing or fingers in courtesans for him but that would be ok for a courtesan to do with me? I am a little unclear about the “rules” for these lovely ladies. Thanks for any insight!


    It is never too early to start emailing ladies that appeal to the both of you. Can’t you agree with your husband as to his limitations with the lady ahead of time?


    Oh we have already laid out our rules but I wanted to make sure the lady chosen complies! 😉


    This is a really great post thanks for sharing!! I myself am a planner. I know Sheri’s is where I will have my 3 way fantasy with my husband even though it will be a ways off. Is it wired of me to want to know all of the sexual positions that would be available to us? It’s something I’m dying to know! We have spoke of this (my husband and I) and decided this would be a one time deal so I’m saving up to get the biggest bang for our buck.


    Just had first couples experience with my amazing wife and a super pretty lady at Sheri’s. Reading these threads helped prepare me somewhat but the nerves were very strong when it came time to actually pull the trigger. That being said, it was a very fun experience and we are already looking for a return to perfect the experience (no fault of the lady – we were just super nervous).

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