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Charina Lee

Good evening Sparksfley! Akira and Emma are wonderful sexy ladies that did a great job answering your questions. They are both very sexy women that truly enjoy what they do. The fact that we compliment each other should tell you something about Sheris. We are all here to help you realize your fantasies, your reality, your goals…whether you pick one of us or someone else. That takes a lot of pressure off as some visitors feel funny about choosing one of us and possibly offending another. We all want to be a part of your visit, but we are HERE FOR YOU! In other words, take Emma’s advice and Akira’s advice and start having conversations.

Also, look at reviews. There are plenty of reviews with a lot of information and key words used such as “kind, considerate, patient, understanding, etc….

I am truly a bisexual lady that enjoys making others comfortable, relaxed. I love the “teaching” role, but I have to tell you….I’ve learned a lot from others that believed they didn’t have any “experience”….only to find out that they actually know much more than they think….they just had to be in the right moment and their instincts took them to a higher place.

To me, it’s similar to being a virgin’s first experience. I love the opportunity to be REMEMBERED! Think about it….it’s a great source of pride and satisfaction for me….to be the one you may remember for a very, very long time and in a positive, fulfilling way! It can be life changing for you….which means its also life changing for me!

Sheri’s is a place you truly can relax and enjoy…even if just to visit and have a drink at our bar and just watch us silly girls be ourselves!

I hope to hear from you…but trust me….there are so many courtesans that feel like I do…We love what we do!


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