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Angel Parr

Hello LeLe,
First off I want to congratulate you and your husband on a brand new chapter of your relationship, and let you know that you have certainly picked the right place to expand your horizons!
I absolutely love my couples, and if you read my reviews you will see that they love me too! I think its great that you are both open minded enough to learn a few things, it always makes it more fun, for me at least, to give my couples something they can go home with! I am a sweet southern belle, and a licensed dominatrix, which means that I am sweet enough to make you both comfortable and dominate to make sure you both learn a thing or two and have an amazing first time that will keep your sex life thriving for years to come!

Everybody is different as far as the best way to meet your lady, but I believe that for you two the best bet would be to just come in, have a seat at the bar and let us do all the work for you! This way you can talk with all of us ladies and see which personality is the best fit for you and your husband. The hotel is best to wait on, after your party we give you a room here for free, so why pay for what you get free, right?

In any case I wish you and your husband a wonderful time here at Sheri’s, and a very long and happy marriage! We are all looking forward to seeing you two!!!

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