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    Hi Ladies and Gents, my hubs and I are a early 30’s athletic couple with kids looking to take our already fantastic relationship and sex life to the next level. We have never done anything like this but we are a little adventurous in the bed room and enjoy movies and strip clubs together. He told me a few times he imagines me with another lady. I have never been with a woman but I do love a female body. That’s why I like clubs. The more I think about it the more I want to do it as well. I am still nervous as with anything new but excited. I would love some advice from both clients and the ladies. Especially previous couple clients if your reading this. So my questions are should we try to plan this out by pre booking a hotel room and reserving a lady or just show up and see where the flow takes us? I am honestly open to being educated on how to please my man and even more open to him being educated as well. Is there any ladies who are great with couples, both kind and gentle but also aggressive enough to run this show, and who can teach us each better technique? I love your website BTW. I was terrified by this idea just 2 days ago, but after going over pretty much the entire site from Cassie’s blog about threesome (very helpful), to different profile, to the forum. I feel completely different. I have a safe, clean, and comfortable vibe about Sheri’s and am excited to get out of mommy zone and into sexy zone 🙂


    Generally: Sheri’s is extremely classy, comfortable, clean, and safe. All of the ladies and other Sheri’s staff members are extremely nice.

    Hotel: I would highly recommend calling and booking Sheri’s hotel for your stay. That will make your whole stay easier and more fun. You won’t have to worry about driving back to Vegas, etc. After my first party there (in June 2014), I just wanted to relax and sleep. If I had booked a hotel room there at Sheri’s, I could have.

    Booking: As far as how to book a lady, that’s really a personal decision. I’ve done it both ways, and I prefer to make an appointment, but I also have a particular lady that I like to see. For starters, I would recommend looking at the Sheri’s schedule and then viewing the profiles of the ladies who will be there when you’re considering going.

    About me and my wife: My wife and I are going together in January, and it will be her first visit. I’m a guy, and I’ve been to Sheri’s five times (once in June 2014 and four times in July 2014). My wife is aware of, and approves of, my solo visits.

    Generally, I can say that, in my opinion, you’re making the best decision about visiting Sheri’s for your first threesome. Your history is similar to ours. We started visiting strip clubs in 2007, and we had our first (and, as of now) our only threesome in 2013. She has been attracted to women for years.

    My wife and I chose to meet up with a “hot wife” swinger for our first threesome, and it was a bad experience for me. As soon as we got to the hotel room, the swinger looks at me and says: “I am not here for you. I am not interested in you,” or something very similar. I ended up being very bored and didn’t have much fun.

    Back to Sheri’s: I partied with Emma in June and Allissa in July (all four of my parties in July were with Allissa). I shared my threesome story with both ladies, and they both said similar things in response: someone in a threesome has to take charge and make sure that everyone is comfortable and they everyone is having fun. I have no doubt that all of the ladies who party with couples will ensure that you have a great time.

    Also, all of the ladies at Sheri’s get regular health screenings, so it’s safe to party there. Just as a precaution, I got tested before my visits just to make sure that I was clean and healthy (I am).

    Have fun and be sure to post an update after you and your husband party!


    P.S. My wife and I are in our 30s, too.


    Thank you Blake! I think booking is best and what we plan to do. I think we will probably just meet at the bar. I really think I’m going to have to click with someone to be comfortable and I can only do that in person. I appreciate your advice and will definitely let you know how it goes when we visit Sheri’s in November.

    Angel Parr

    Hello LeLe,
    First off I want to congratulate you and your husband on a brand new chapter of your relationship, and let you know that you have certainly picked the right place to expand your horizons!
    I absolutely love my couples, and if you read my reviews you will see that they love me too! I think its great that you are both open minded enough to learn a few things, it always makes it more fun, for me at least, to give my couples something they can go home with! I am a sweet southern belle, and a licensed dominatrix, which means that I am sweet enough to make you both comfortable and dominate to make sure you both learn a thing or two and have an amazing first time that will keep your sex life thriving for years to come!

    Everybody is different as far as the best way to meet your lady, but I believe that for you two the best bet would be to just come in, have a seat at the bar and let us do all the work for you! This way you can talk with all of us ladies and see which personality is the best fit for you and your husband. The hotel is best to wait on, after your party we give you a room here for free, so why pay for what you get free, right?

    In any case I wish you and your husband a wonderful time here at Sheri’s, and a very long and happy marriage! We are all looking forward to seeing you two!!!

    Eva M

    Hi Lele and thank you very much for the compliment on our website. Our web guy really did a lot of work and it’s nice to hear you like it. I’ll admit I’m a little “Couple’s” shy but exceptions have been made and we all had a great time.

    I wanted to respond to your forum thread to encourage you to be brave and enjoy yourself with your spouse at our sexy resort. It’s very important that you feel all those things you mentioned (safe, clean, comfortable) about coming here since you’re inviting a 3rd party to join in and spice up a very special relationship you already have.

    It’s very important that you have open communication with your partner as well as the lady of your choice. Having boundaries is ok as we all know what we’re willing or unwilling to do sexually. Ultimately I would want you to feel not only sexy but more passionate about the lucky man that takes you home. Hope to meet you soon.


    Thank you Angel, your reviews sound great! Thank you also Eva M. I appreciate all the advice and honesty.


    Welcome! Angel and Eva gave great advice. You picked the right place to expand horizons! All of our ladies have something different and special to offer. I always enjoy hearing how much a couples experience at Sheri’s can help and add to ones relationship. I know when I’m married or in a relationship and ready to move to the next level , we will be at Sheri’s!!! Good luck!

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