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Eva M

Hi Lele and thank you very much for the compliment on our website. Our web guy really did a lot of work and it’s nice to hear you like it. I’ll admit I’m a little “Couple’s” shy but exceptions have been made and we all had a great time.

I wanted to respond to your forum thread to encourage you to be brave and enjoy yourself with your spouse at our sexy resort. It’s very important that you feel all those things you mentioned (safe, clean, comfortable) about coming here since you’re inviting a 3rd party to join in and spice up a very special relationship you already have.

It’s very important that you have open communication with your partner as well as the lady of your choice. Having boundaries is ok as we all know what we’re willing or unwilling to do sexually. Ultimately I would want you to feel not only sexy but more passionate about the lucky man that takes you home. Hope to meet you soon.

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