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This sounds like me! I am a planner who wants to know down to the most minute detail before doing something. But I accept this may not happen with the LPIN experience.

Hubby and I are in our mid-30s, together for 20+ years (since high school), no kids and adventurous. We are going to be in Vegas over Thanksgiving and want to partake in our first couples experience which I imagine will be not something super exotic. I have done a ton of research and want something safe, classy and legal, so Sheri’s looks like the place for us. We are very particular about looks, grooming, tattoos and a few other things so I’d like to arrange things in advance. Does being in Vegas over a holiday hurt our chances? Is now too soon to start contact? And can I set rules like no kissing or fingers in courtesans for him but that would be ok for a courtesan to do with me? I am a little unclear about the “rules” for these lovely ladies. Thanks for any insight!

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