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Angel Parr

Hello Greg,
I have personally always felt that a brothel is about far more then just intercourse, its about a special type of connection that you really cant find elsewhere. I always make it a point to spend time getting to know my client and making him feel comfortable, I tend to feel that if I cant make you forget you are at a brothel for a moment I didn’t do my job properly. It is because of this I can assure you that sex is far from a requirement, as a matter a fact I personally only have sex in about 20-30% of my parties. Of course if the gentleman is just interested in a wham bam thank you ma’am deal, then I will accommodate, but I find it a much better experience for us both to relax unwind cuddle a bit, get to know each other, and let our party be natural, if sex comes up it does, if it doesn’t well then we still both enjoyed our time together and that simply gives us something to look forward to.
I prefer our bungalows for this reason, we can start in a hot tub with a nice drink to relax as we talk and I hand feed you fresh fruit, we can sit in front of the fire place over dinner, Ill give you a massage as we dive into each others dreams, life stories, and politics. We can take a stroll in our beautiful courtyard, perhaps play a few fun games, and just let the evening unravel itself. I find it best to go into a party with no expectations, and allow us to just be two humans connecting in every way possible, sex is just a perk, if it comes at all during our time!

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