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STD’s, herpes, hepatitis, tuberculosis, MRSA, lice, scabies, and HIV/AIDS have drastically affected a Courtesans sex menu due to health standards and laws.

Nice to see you here hope all is well.
Upon reviewing your post I have found a few things that kind of wander off the reservation but here are a couple that really jumped out at me.
Lice and Scabies are animal parasitic conditions that can be spread by casual contact, this can be an issue as it pertains to the hobby ( and many other things such as sharing hats, combs, brushes Et Al). Yet I can’t see how it could/would affect, either in the positive or negative, a providers service menu. Please share your perspective.
MRSA is spread by casual contact as well. So, you could get MRSA by touching another person who has it on the skin or you could get it by touching objects that have the bacteria on them. This condition is very casually contracted yet I can’t see how this could/would affect the offerings of a provider.

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