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I’ll be there! I realize that’s not exactly a selling point for most of you, but I figured I’d put the word out on the off-chance any forum members, or Sheri’s beauties care to say “Hi” and share a holiday drink with me.

I’m honored to be reprising my role as Char’s evening companion…so, yeah I’m definitely in for great night!! You’ll find me at Char’s side (I’ll be the dude with a silly grin plastered on my face!), or in the event she is off mingling, I’ll be resuming my destined-to-fail flirtations with the magnificent Marci and will most likely be submitting a few good-natured, yet indecent proposals for her consideration. (I publicly apologize to Marci in advance for having to put up with me.)

Last year, all of the women got a little more dressed up than usual, and looked absolutely breathtaking…trust me guys, you won’t want to miss the party for that alone!
Looking forward to it, see you then!

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