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Bungalow parties include one of any six theme rooms. http://www.sherisranch.com/bungalow-suites/

You may select any bungalow as long as it’s been cleaned and not being used at the time of your party.

The price includes your selected Courtesan, Bungalow Suite and the following in the Bungalow Resort Package:
One complimentary bottle of Cooks Champagne.
Complimentary deli platter.
Complimentary steak and dinner lobster tail.
Complimentary drinks.
$50.00 gift certificate to be used towards a future Bungalow Party.
There are upgrades available entitled Champagne, High Roller and Whale Bungalow Packages.

The Hotel standard rooms and suites are reserved for guests staying the night. The standard room rates are $75 Sunday-Thursday and $85 Friday-Saturday. Clients receive a complimentary room certificate for a minimum amount party. The Hotel suites are $20 extra weekdays and $40 weekends. http://www.sherisranch.com/hotel/

Your fiancé may watch if she doesn’t want to participate; however, she may feel neglected or jealous watching you make love to another woman, since it’s a problem that sometimes occurs if one person is left out. It’s preferred that she join the threesome and feel that she’s a part of the Ménage à Trois. It’s provides for a more relaxed atmosphere if the three of you engage in erotic conversation over drinks and dinner initially. Then disrobe and share a soothing bubble bath before receiving a massage and or making love. Your Courtesan will have a plan outlined for your party after discussing the particulars with you and your fiancé in person. In addition your Courtesan will be able to provide you with a cost figure within a reasonable timeframe after your party objective discussion in her room at SR.

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