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    1. Do the girls focus exclusively on the guy, or will they give each other some sapphic attention?
    2. Do the girls have specific girls they like to do such parties with?
    3. Can other menu items be added onto one. For example: 2-girl shower party with GFE?
    Charina Lee

    Hi dabigguy! Us ladies will do what fulfills your fantasy or ideas. Suppose you wanted us to solely focus just on you….Well, that’s what will happen. But do we give each other attention? As long as it’s ok with you! Most of us look forward to the opportunity to explore one another. I’m sure many of us have specific ladies we’d like to be with, but that’s mostly out of just being comfortable with one another. You can privately negotiate with us, different menu items and options. It really is best to talk openly and comfortably about what you like and don’t like and tell us what really will help make it your special experience.

    I’m sure there has been a lot of great parties where every0ne might have had a just “wing it” approach, but I love to communicate. Plus, I get all hot and bothered just talking about the possibilities!


    Charina Lee

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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