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    This is a game I came up with based on another post here, “6 Things You Never Would Have Guessed” (@AmberLynn: Thanks).

    Just like the six things, I’m going to list six things about myself… 5 of them are true… 1 of them is FALSE.

    Guess which one is false… or, if you can’t figure out which one is false, just guess which ones are true… hahaha ;-)!

    I guess I’ll start:

    (1) I have problems watching horror movies by myself… especially at night. Whenever I go to watch a scary movie, I need to have someone come with me… preferably a group of people. I’m trying to get over that fear.

    (2) At one time, I had plans on going into acting and musical theatre (had thought about attending Columbia College here in Chicago to study theatre). Unfortunately, my voice kept giving out. Perhaps one day, I’ll go back into it.

    (3) I’m terrible at finding dates and never had a girlfriend in my life… ever. Super nervous around girls… and the five thousand dollars I spent at the dating services didn’t help, either :-(! Yes, that’s right… five thousand dollars (maybe even more… I lost count at five thousand).

    (4) I’m into screenwriting. I love writing for movies, but I have also given thought about writing for the adult/fetish industry. Too bad there are no classes that teach you how to write for those industries… I wonder how different an adult/fetish screenplay is from a mainstream movie screenplay?

    (5) My best vacation (outside of Las Vegas and SR) is Costa Rica :-)! Went there with a tour group for 1 week and I loved it! Especially Cloud Forest… just breathtaking, and the american dollar goes so far over there! On the downside, because of my sensitive stomach, it did take me a while to get used to the food.

    (6) I’m not the greatest at sports. In high school, I was considered clumsy and during gym class, whenever the gym teacher had us play baseball or touch football or basketball, nobody wanted me on their team. I was that bad… although with that being said, I did hit the game winning RBI for my team in baseball and soon, news of that spread throughout most of school.

    So, there you have it… six things about me… BUT one of them is FALSE. See if you can guess which one it is (I tried to make each one sound as true as possible)!

    Anybody else want to play?


    Haven’t met you, but I’m going to say that your falsehood is number 3.


    @Anakin: Actually, it was #5. Never been to Costa Rica… always wanted to go. I actually got my passport when something came up and I had to cancel :-(.

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