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    Hello! This is my first post to this forum following my first trip to the Ranch. I found this forum to be very informative prior to my trip. I have never done anything like this before so I am very thankful for the insight provided here.

    I feel compelled to give a word of thanks. I was not expecting anything like what I saw at Sheri’s last week. I was amazed at how clean the facilities are and at the professionalism of the staff. The food is good and the drinks are stiff. Even the other customers were generally quite amiable. The women are excellent entertainers and just as drop dead gorgeous in person as they are in pictures. Many are even more beautiful once you have them within reach!

    I originally asked for Akira to show me around but she wasn’t available – I was told she had to leave early for home. I had the pleasure of meeting quite a few of the courtesans who were working during my stay, although sadly, not them all. Every woman I talked to was graceful in her own way, beautiful in her own right. I was absolutely blown away by the experience.

    But what most amazed me was Kitty Cat. I honestly did not intend to party when I arrived, I merely wanted to do some reconnaissance in anticipation of a future trip with my wife. However, Kitty approached me at the bar an hour after I arrived and I soon realized that I wanted to know her. We partied over the next 2 days – which often consisted of simply chatting by the pool or socializing at the bar. She is absolutely stunning, a true heartbreaker. I came to Vegas in order to gamble and ended up with a sure thing. Of course, I was still relieved of my money.

    I want to personally thank AJ for a very tipsy game of doubles pool and Montana for the delicious chocolate cake. I want to thank Krista and Chloe for being flesh and blood goddesses. I want to thank all of the staff for their accommodations and every single bartender for keeping the night going strong. Even more thanks go out to Anakin for some classic nerd conversation in the bar. But most of all I want to thank Kitty Cat – for all of the reasons listed above and about 50 others that require more brutish words to describe than I am willing to use here.


    TL:DR – So good, it hurts to leave.


    Thanks for a review that covers many things that interest me for my upcoming visit.


    Welcome Zen. Glad you enjoyed your unplanned parties.

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