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    1) It would be interesting if the ladies can describe either general things or odd stories guys have done to deserve the A-Hole tax

    2) Also, what do you do when a guy actually agrees to pay the tax.


    I too would like to hear some of the Ladies’ interesting stories of encounters with clients deserving of the a$$hole tax.

    The a$$hole tax generally stems from clients being disrespectful, exhibiting bad behavior, displaying poor hygiene or etcetera.

    A client usually doesn’t know that an a$$hole tax has been applied to the Courtesan’s price. In certain cases a Courtesan will refuse to party at all if a client is totally reprehensible, unclean, abusive, obnoxious or obviously under the influence.

    The following is a related thread from June 2013.

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    Clients may avoid the a$$hole tax if they behave in an acceptable and respectful manner and maintain good hygiene habits. The following two threads should be read by newbies before visiting a brothel and many potential problems will be avoided.

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    Angel Parr

    As we are all under a discretion and confidentiality contract, it would be very wrong of us to share another man’s bad experiences. I’m sure you wouldn’t appreciate seeing your embarrassing experience posted on our forum for everyone to make fun of..

    I can, at risk of sounding like a total “B”, tell you what I would charge an A-tax for.

    If a guy is disrespectful, or just plain rude, congrats you just got a tax.
    If a guy talks to me about what he did with another lady, rather good or bad, than he’s disrespecting her discretion, and I’ll tax him for her, simply because at that point I know you’re going to tell what we did, and that only creates problems for the girls later.

    If a client doesn’t like what another courtesan is saying from across the bar or is wearing, and I am sitting with him, that is not an invite to gossip with me about your personal oppions. We have lots of different ladies here so if you don’t like what one lady provides then simply ignore her, gossiping with a lady about another will never play to your advantage, you never know who her friends are, that’s pretty well a guaranteed tax.

    It’s really quite hard to get an A-tax with me and it all reverberates to common sense, be a gentleman, treat us like ladies, and don’t be a gossip.

    I truly only have one big pet peeve, “well its not like there’s a lot happening right now, you might as well take my party. You can either make a little bit of money playing with me, or nothing in the bar.” Say that, and it’s always a guaranteed way to get a tax right in the middle of negotiations, and it’s kind of just a standard with women not just courtesans, never, ever, ever tell a women she should settle for less than she thinks she’s worth. Its kinda like trying to go out with the head cheerleader, if you buy your time and the football players are taken and she needs a date to the dance, you just might get lucky, if you sweet talk her a bit, but if you approach her and say “either stay at home or come with me, you don’t have any one else who wants you” Well you just may get kicked in the nuts, and we all know how good cheerleaders are at kicking!
    My last point of tax kind of goes back to being a gossip but on a much stronger level. Please, please, pretty please, do not ever, under any circumstances say “well the last time I was here the girl I partied with only charged me..” or “the other girl let me..” We are all independent contractors, we work and charge differently, if you want the same party you had before find the same girl, don’t compare us. Once again, that’s a women thing, you should never tell a women “well my ex-girlfriend let me put it in her butt so you should too” you just might gain another ex from that!

    In the case that I have given a tax, in all honesty, Bill Gates and Donald Trump together wouldn’t pay it. If anyone ever pays my A-tax, I know exactly what I would do, I’ll be taking about 4 months off and going back to Bali, to treat myself to a well needed vacation!

    …In fact, now that I think about it, are there any rich As*****’s out there in need of someone to be a D*** to? I sure could use a good long vacation!

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