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    I have read a ton on these forums (thanks!) but I still have a few questions.

    My wife and I are in our early 30s but have been together since high school. We are planning our first couples experience at Sheri’s.

    1) I haven’t used a condom since I was 16. My wife and I have been monogamous for 15+ years. If I have normal intercourse with the courtesan with condom, is non-condom finishing with my wife (vaginal or oral) a possibility?

    2) If a courtesan doesn’t list “couples” but lists “group” is that equivalent? If not, what is the difference?

    3) Is light kissing with a female (my wife) different from light kissing with a guy? I’d love to see my wife kiss a courtesan but I understand the fluids restriction.

    I know a lot of you are experts so I appreciate your kind responses.


    No need to be embarrassed, those are fair questions.
    1) The condom/protection regulation pertains to a customer and courtesan. I doubt there would be any issue going condom-less with your wife…just know that it would probably signal the end of the party, for both you and your wife, with the courtesan based on the fluid transfer thing. I would at least mention your desire before things get started, for better coordination. Good communication is key!

    2) Depends. Some like couples, some don’t. Again, it’s all about communication. Reach out, email or at least chat a bit in the bar to see if your pick is cool with what you have in mind. A “group” would be multiple courtesans with an equal or lesser number of (male) customers.

    3) Again, it depends. Kissing is generally discouraged (the fluid exchange thing), but is one of those things that varies widely with each courtesan. Some Don’t kiss at all, some will w/o tongue. Some kiss other women, others may not be comfortable with that…and some, just like “civilian” women, decide who they will kiss based on how they feel in the moment. Again, communication! If you all hit it off, and you build a little bit of attraction first, then your chances will be much better.

    My advice: Let your wife pick your playmate (or at least narrow it down to 2-3 to meet at the ranch)…Then stand back and enjoy the ride 😉

    I’m sure some of the ladies, will chime in here, too…possibly even with an invite to contact them for further discussion.

    Good luck!

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    YB’s advice seems sound: let your wife pick or winnow down the potential ladies for your party.


    Thanks. Wife is definitely in the driver’s seat and we have narrowed down to her best choices. So far none have responded to messages we have sent but I know that might take a little time.


    First of all you are going to have an amazing time here at Sheri’s Ranch!
    1) The use of a condom just applies to us courtesans so if you would like to finish with your wife without a condom that is perfectly fine! Just talk to the lady you are interested and let her know exactly what you want to do 🙂
    2) It just depends, so if you see a lady that you like shoot her an email and she will tell you if she partakes in couples parties 🙂
    3) Fluids are not supposed to be exchanged, but again just email the lady that you are interested in and tell her exactly what you want and she will be able to help you.
    We are all independent and cater to different things so just talk to the lady that you would like to have some fun with 🙂
    Hope this helped 🙂

    Angel Parr

    Violet is correct

    1) You have to use protection with us, but you can interact with your wife in any way you would like.

    2) Ask the lady, usually if we don’t have couples on there we don’t service couples, and the group thing means that she will service multiple men or do a party with a bunch of us ladies.

    3) There are no transfers of fluids what so ever, rather its male or female, so there’s no kissing on the lips

    The best thing to do is email the lady and see what she comfortable with

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