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    Ada Lovelace

    Hello World!

    It’s about time that I say “Hi!” on this forum! If you do not know who I am, my name is Ada Lovelace (yes named after the 19th century English mathematician and pioneer of computing science).
    I have been coming to Sheri’s since late June of 2018 and I love it!
    I am really elated to announce that my Spring dates for 2019 have been confirmed by our lovely Miss Dena. I am presently here right now until March 25th.
    Future dates: April 9-April 23rd and May 13th-May 27th.
    I specialize in an authentic GFE as well as NURU massage and fantasy role play. I am also a highly experienced expert in kink and fetish exploration as well. Aside from the obvious rooms, I absolutely love playing in PlayLand and our new PSE room!
    I am currently working on my own personal website, but until then please feel free to learn more about me on my Sheri’s profile here
    And of course on the evils of social media:
    My Twitter and my IG

    I can be emailed me: AdaLovelace@sherisranch.com

    I look forward to meeting you!

    Ada Lovelace


    Good to finally have you here, Ada. Maybe I will be able t talk to you on my next visit to the Ranch. can you tell us about the PSE room?

    Ada Lovelace

    Thank you for the welcome, Flint. Sorry it took me so long to respond. It has been crazy busy here at the Ranch! And that’s not a complaint of course.
    The Porn Star Experience room is really awesome. It is such a wonderful addition to our already
    amazing erotic Fantasy land. Obviously, it is being used quite often by the ladies to
    film and produce personal individualized custom sex tapes with clients. The activities for the film are
    agreed upon between the client and his lady(ies) and so the possibilities are endless.
    But another cool factor is that the actual recording doesn’t have to happen and the participants can still get the exhibitionist and voyeuristic thrill and pleasure of watching themselves on the monitors.
    It certainly beats having mirrors on ceilings and walls!
    And the two way mirror is perfect for more of an exhibitionist thrill as well. That also can be optional as the blinds can go down if agreed.
    The bed is so comfortable and huge. It’s perfect for couples and Two girl parties.
    I also love the aesthetic and decor of the room. It’s very modern and chic.
    It has quickly become my favourite bungalow to party in.



    Thanks much, Ada! I will try to remember to tour Playland, on my next Ranch visit.

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