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    Adi: Rogue’s Virgin Party

    Set up for this party consisted of one Marvel Rogue costume and Adi’s researching the character and wondering how she is going to be able to touch me without draining me out of existence.

    Enter the idea for me to roleplay someone with high level S.H.I.E.L.D. clearance who has access to a serum that was developed such that when injected into someone renders them invulnerable to Rogue’s energy draining powers giving Rogue the ability to become intimate with someone for the 1st time in her life. What this individual did not anticipate was the level of feminine whiles possessed by Rogue that while not physically draining him, would leave him emotionally incapacitated for a spell of time.

    Anticipation grew and grew as the day of the trip and meeting Adi became closer. The trip would start with hanging with friends in Vegas for a few days before the group made the trip to Sheri’s. At this point my mind was racing with the initial meeting of Adi, however, as happens, the initial trip to Sheri’s bar wasn’t quite the reunion anticipated by everyone in the group and I could feel this as well, but would “set on my hands” a while longer. An act that would surely pay awesome benefits by the time the trip was over. Sometimes, as they say, Patience Is A Virtue.

    Two days later when I was finally able to set up some time in which to speak with Adi, we made the trip to her room with the intent to enter into party negotiations. Adi indicated that she doesn’t normally negotiate prior to the intended date and time of the party but given the circumstances was willing to be flexible. During the negotiation, Adi was rather attentive and cool to talk with. Adi is interested in finding out what activities one is desiring during the party and did not rush the process to find this out. She made me feel welcome and projected such a beautiful spirit that would light even the darkest of rooms. We agreed on a set of activities, a price, and a time for the next day. No matter how things would play out with the rest of the group, the groundwork was now set for one of the best, most relaxing times and parties of my life.

    The following day, Adi showed up in the parlor in the Rogue outfit, there is no way I could have completely envisioned how radiant and gorgeous she would look in the costume. Her personality breathed life into it and her spirit and energy made it real. So we made our way to King Arthur’s bungalow and while one could try to take their eyes off this angel of a woman and normally find it to be nearly impossible, it was even doubly so while she is wearing the Rogue costume.

    Inside the bungalow, Adi eased us into the party paying close attention to the desired activities which had been agreed upon. She felt wonderful both in the spandex costume and out of the costume. Her energy level is ever-present as is her attentiveness which is likely why, as a typically introverted person, she needs time to prepare for her next party. It may not seem logical, but it is often true. Adi may have one incredible ass but she doesn’t half-ass the party or anything at all. By the end of the party I was extremely relaxed, de-stressed, and happy as evidenced by the following statement that Violet made the next day: Violet described my after party glow saying, it’s like you just didn’t care about anything and were quite happy to exist and be alive!

    Buzz around Sheri’s was that Adi had a fantastic time as also with comments like; you really had Adi worked up and excited as well. Plenty of visual evidence was present to support this including video proof her dancing silly in the sand while still in the costume.

    If the party needed to be summed up in one word, as evidenced by this Omega Level clearance S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Stan Lee, it would be Excelsior!

    Adi is just an all-around beautiful body and soul!


    stripe, your level of roleplaying details should put me to shame.


    [attachment file=”20267″]

    Adi as Rogue

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    oh nice costume for Adi.

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