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    I’m planning a visit to Vegas next year and potentially treating myself to a visit to Sheri’s (if possible). With this in mind I have a number of questions (Sorry if these have been asked before however i don’t see a search function on the forum.)

    1, Are non USA customers allowed?

    2, How far ahead does the schedule/calendar get planned?

    3, Whats common practice for contacting the Ladies before a visit time-wise? (i appreciate their time is limited with email access and don’t want to annoy one of the ladies with what they may consider as wasting there time to far ahead)

    4, How much does appearance/looks affect price (IE if i hit EVERY branch of the ugly tree effectively I’m going to pay ALOT to complete my visit)


    I will try to answer some of your questions.
    if you are over 21 I do not see why there would be a problem. You can check the site but some ladies have their detailed schedules planned several months in advance. if you have a lady( or more) in ind you can ask them if they will be at the Ranch over the time you will be in the area. As to planning ahead, i have been emailing a lady for not quite a year just to try to get everything right.
    I hope that this has helped.

    Eva M

    Hola UKtraveler, let me be the first to welcome you to Sheri’s virtual reality! Non-US customers are always welcomed. I particularly enjoy foreigners with sexy accents and a great sense of humor, of which I’m sure you have both given your ugly tree comment 😉 The ladies calendars are typically available for four months in advance but some will even have their year scheduled if you contact them directly to make arrangements. You can communicate with the lady of your choice via emails prior to your arrival so don’t worry about being annoying or taking up our time. I know I try to respond as soon as possible and so do most of the girls here. Since we are all individual contractors I can’t speak for everyone but myself when I say chemistry and client expectations determines pricing. However, we are only allowed to discuss prices and activates in our rooms once you get here.

    Hope this helps clear up some if not all of your questions for now.

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    Thanks Eva any other tips? Thinking likes do’s and Don’ts IE

    Do – talk through everything you want before any agreements made

    Don’t – approach the lady in the bar let them come to you (or vice versa)

    Charina Lee

    UK traveler – Looks are not anywhere as important to me as health and cleanliness. The lesson to “not judge a book by its cover” has been learned by many! If a woman is considered more beautiful than others, does that mean she will be the best lover? Or the nicest person to be around? Personality plays a big role with me, much more so than looks. Just the way I feel about things.

    Take care,

    Charina Lee


    Hi UKtraveller,

    Let ladies know if there is anything special you want to do or try in a party. But different ladies organise their parties differently. Some want to know every detail of what you are going to do together and some prefer to leave it more open. You will have time to discuss all of this with your lady of choice in her room before the party. There are a lot of ladies here so I’m sure you will be bale to find someone amazing.

    Usually if you to talk to ladies in the bar you will be seated so the ladies can come to you. But no one will be offended if you want in she see the perfect lady and you want to walk up and say ‘hi’ after the host has spoken to you. However, if you have been emailing ladies and have already decided on someone before you arrive, you will need to inform the host so someone can tell the lady that you are waiting for her.

    I hope that answers your questions.

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