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    the 3rd degree

    Seems that my post got eliminated somehow, so we’re trying this again…

    2012 was the last time I visited “The Lion’s Den” & had a great time. Then life called, overwhelming work schedule, the pandemic, my own battles with CO-VID & loss of family members due to this virus, I wondered if there was any chance another trip to Nevada was even possible. But there I was last week, making the drive from Vegas to Pahrump for another shot at the “The Lion’s Den”. As I walked through the bar door, mask on, temperature checked & being questioned by the madam, with many of the names & faces I knew moving on to better things, the old questions came back. The old anxieties came back. It would be an new environment under the same roof. Since I’m not a forward guy, will someone take the initiative first? Is there or will there be someone I can connect with after all this time?

    After a few sips of Diet Coke with a lime slice, next to me sat Camille.

    New to Sheri’s (then again everyone’s new in my eyes), she’s a fresh faced, curious, wholesome beauty who inquired about my day. I told her about my trip down here & the long span between visits, so she offered a tour to update me on what’s changed. R.I.P. to the bubble bath suite. We ended up in her room to discuss a possible encounter. Normally, I don’t like to walk back with a lady after first contact, but Camille made me rethink this. I didn’t think I answer “yes” that quickly either when she offered an hour-long massage just to work out the kinks. So we shook on it & off we go. Camille worked wonders on my tense body, giving the comfort I needed desparately. But it was a plelude of what’s to come.

    A couple of days later, not soon as walked through the bar door again, there was Camille, sitting next to the door. She greeted me warmly & we talked for a bit. Wanting to see if other ladies are interested in me, Camille let me have my space. A few minutes later, Bala came my way & chatted with me. We talked about her life as a budding porn girl & other life tidbits, before her time was up with me. Bala would be one to add to the rolodex. It would be another few minutes before Camille came back to me & a few seconds before we walked back to the room. This time, I was ready to party. So we agreed on a number, shook & off we went. The vibe I got from Camille this time was “finally, I get to have more of you than just a massage.” And she got it, a lot of it. You can fill in the blanks on what happened.

    On my last night in Nevada, I made one more drive, knowing who I wanted & what I wanted, even had a plan B ready. But on this night, it would be a test of resolve, discipline & patience. No sooner than I walked in the door that I saw Camille walking to the back with a potential customer. Strike one. So I sat down, hoping for Plan B to kick in. Bala came by & talked for a couple of minutes before the line-up light came up, but she promised to come back if she didn’t get picked. So I waited…Bala didn’t come back; she got picked. Strike two. So now comes the test, either frustration kicks in & I drive back to Vegas or be patient & somehow, either one of them will be open. While I weighed the decision in my head, Amelia stopped by to see how I was doing. We talked a little, just enough to break up the dillema running in my head. Amelia will be one to add to the rolodex for next time. After a few hundred sips of Diet Coke, the madam informed me that Bala was available & then she came out in a different outfit that popped my eyes out. We went back to discuss what we wanted to do. I completely forgot that for the price we agreed on, there was the possibility of the bungalow. & with Bala not having partied in a bungalow yet, why not? So with payment done & supplies got, off we went to an old friend, the 60’s bungalow. She said that I won’t regret partying with her & she was right. Her skills could put her on par with some of the well known porn girls today. The bath at the end put a fantastic final touch to our adventure.

    Bala & I finished our night with a few minutes of talk at the bar. We thanked each other before she headed to the back for a sandwich she’s been dying to eat. That’s when I noticed, who else but Camille, sitting at the bar checking her phone. Is Plan A back in motion? AFter a self-check, I did the thing I almost never do; I approached Camille. I told her I didn’t want to disturb her because she might be checking her emails or on social media. She was actually looking for a good fish & chips place. She also mentioned my encounter with Bala & thought I was done. I said, “Bala & I had a great time, but I came for you.” A minute later, Camille & I headed to her room. Negotiations? Quick. DC? Still there. This time, I only told Camille that for this encounter, “Take control”. Did she ever! It ended being one of my favorite parties ever. Even the little sweet nothings afterwards was special. Then it was time to head back, but not before one more surprise from me. She said that she like licorice, even though she had braces. Lucky for me, I had bought a half bag worth of red nibs & Australian sticks earlier. Camille gladly took some of my stash before walking me out, ending my run at “The Lion’s Den.”

    It’s going to be a while before things return to normal, back to what we all knew before the pandemic. But Sheri’s has adapted into this “new normal” quite well. So, I thank the bartenders who filled up my glass, the madams who kept me updated & checked on me & most of all, to Bala Dior & Camille Davis, who both made this trip memorable. In my mind, my approach to this curious hobby still stays true:

    It’s not the first impression that gets me, it’s the second
    Sometimes, it’s the quiet ones that will surprise you

    This novel was written by Andrew
    AKA The 3rd Degree


    welcome back, Andrew and thanks for the long review.
    These days, I can only manage a party when I visit Sheri’s.

    the 3rd degree

    Flint, first of all, thanks. Second, I’m lucky to do more than one, but if I only do one, it better be the right one. I’m fortunate to make acquaintances with both Camille & Bala, two who are now starting to get some love from others. Though I wish I could party some of the popular girls here, my approach, again, has mined two diamonds I’ll will keep looking for if another trip is in play.

    In fact, I should be jealous of you & your encounter with Clarissa. She was at the top of my list when coming down, but I have no worries about who I went with this time out.

    Thanks again for the critique.


    Andrew, I think my days of two girl parties are gone. I did not expect Clarissa to be so nice and go beyond what I expected. Only one to two parties left…

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