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    Alexis Ann – In Brightest Day, In Darkest Night…

    As I finished checking and settling into Sheri’s hotel, I made my way into the Sport’s bar where the 1st of the ladies I wanted to talk with that was present was Alexis Ann. This was not the 1st time I had met Alexis and this time I was hoping to party with her. I had even purchased a costume to include in the party. So it is with that which I wonder why I was back to the shy, quiet schoolboy persona that was looking but unable to hold a conversation even when joined by Alexis’ friend Michele, another of Sheri’s ladies.

    After a spell Alexis and Michele excused themselves, going just one table away, Alexis saying playfully if I decided to go back, she’s right there. I suspect that also opened it up to other ladies to stop by and visit, which they did but Alexis continued to be on my mind as well.

    I’m not sure just how many hours had passed with this sort of thing going on but it was getting very late and my friend still had to make the drive back toward Vegas and refused to leave until either I took Alexis back for a negotiation or went back to my hotel room at Sheri’s. Though it wasn’t immediate, I suppose this was part of the push for me to get up and motion Alexis over telling her what my friend had said. “Well, what’s going to be?” was her response. I had to take a slight pause but by this time I knew I was going to take her back. As my friend left and Alexis took my arm to walk me back, I was a tad nervous; I was excited on the inside, and full of anticipation.

    Once inside Alexis’ room, I knew what I wanted and she did a very nice job of drawing it out of me. We decided to make the party for the next day at 2:00pm.

    About the time we had agreed on, I made my way to the office and they called Alexis out. She arrived with her costume on underneath robe saying she wasn’t ready to surprise me with it yet. Probably a well deserved tease by her considering how long it took me the night before to decide to make the trip back to her room in the first place… touché… not to mention it was very flirtatious on her part as well.

    We walk back to her room, where Alexis already has everything set up, I get ready, and she smiles and removes her robe to reveal the Green Lantern costume I had bought for her to wear, an Arisia type version of the costume complete with white go-go boots (instead of tying to match that shade of green). When I purchased this costume I read about ladies needing to wear a bra underneath to keep from having their nipples show through the semi-shear white top section, however, Alexis decided not to wear a bra and thus completed her tease on me. She was absolutely stunning in it. She began our party with the costume on, as we played for a bit and then when it came to the sex, wanted to know if she should keep the costume on? I contemplated it for a moment and then replied no, as I was now ready to see sans clothing. Un-donning the costume but keeping the boots on (what a playful touch), she revealed to me just how sexy and beautiful she really is. She looked so tone I figured she must work out but was surprised when I asked to find out that she doesn’t.

    Alexis provided a very sensual, unrushed, fun, and exciting party mixed with a little dress up role-play. She has also left me considering her again, and now that I find my party interests changing, only time will say for certain.

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