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    Allissa – the Bubble Bath Experience

    It was a little while after my second party with Allissa that I recall texting my close friend: “I think I may, I think I might, Just see a threepeat within my sight.” A very Riddler-esque type of statement which was fitting as Allissa had been my sexy Robin in the two girl party for my birthday. Seeing as Allissa was very busy throughout the weekend, I decided to get her attention when I could and take her back to negotiate for a party to take place the next to last day of my trip. We went and again the negotiation was a simple matter, almost a piece of cake at this point. Now, it was just a matter of knowing my next to last day would be a blast! That party would take place in the Bubble Bath room. Turns out neither Allissa nor I had ever used the Bubble Bath room before, so we put the bubble formula into the tub and began to fill the tub, getting some bubble suds. Now, what we didn’t realize is the moment you turn on the tub jets the bubbles continue to grow and grow and grow… we ended up having to turn off the jets to stop the process and pat the bubbles down so as not to lose ourselves in the bubbles. The rest of the party was just as interesting and it was a fantastic experience!

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