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    Like Blackjack (or other card games)?

    If so, do any of them offer lessons/tips on how to play (hmmm… maybe that could be one of the ‘services’ offered by the girls… if they’re good at it 😉 )?

    Last couple of times I’ve been to Las Vegas, I always wanted to play, but it’s been a looong while since I played Blackjack or ’21’ and back then, I only played with friends for fun and I don’t know how to play any of the other card games.

    I think I even saw a ‘Hong Kong’ version of Blackjack in the hotels (could be wrong)?

    Anyway, I saw one of the tables with a sign saying they are willing to offer you lessons on how to play some card game (can’t remember the name). I was going to consider it but thought it would be kinda strange taking lessons from someone I’ll end up playing against 😉 .

    I only ask because I’m planning on visiting Vegas and Sheri’s again.

    *** Don’t worry… I don’t plan on spending all my money gambling 😉 .

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    never thought that service was available at Sheri’s.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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