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    Was wondering if anyone seen “50 Shades Darker” and if they did, what they thought of it.

    As a side note, it seems there are people in the BDSM community (at least most, if not all of the ones I talked to) who have somewhat of a “negative” view toward the “50 Shades” books.


    Sorry have not seen those movies or read the 50 shades.. books.

    Iris Sparks

    Yes. If I hadn’t gone with a local fetish group for us to inform ourselves on how we’re being depicted in pop media lately and what misinformation we would soon be dealing with from the curious but confused, it wouldn’t have been worth watching. Of course, a nice group of friends privately elbow nudging each other can make most insufferable films entertaining.

    I thought it was terrible, though there was so much sex in the second film that there was less of the agitating plot, which made it better than part one. I love kink, and in a way am thankful that films like this help bring kink into the mainstream- but their relationship is mutually abusive and deplorable. Those in the BDSM community are left to mop up. 😛

    Lily Lovecraft

    No!!!!!! 50 shades is a fucked up miss informed novice understanding of BDSM. Come to me for the real thing.

    Bunnie Hughes

    I’ve read all the books, and watched the first movie. There are many flaws in the storyline, from simple plot holes and unrealistic storylines to full blown ignorance regarding the BDSM community. It’s fine if you’re looking for some less-vanilla verbal porn (I think I write better erotica, frankly speaking) but the main issue many of us have with it is the misrepresentation of what a healthy Dom/sub relationship looks like. From the lack of consent by Anastasia in the first book to the strange and sudden marriage (spoiler alert) by the couple, to the odd way in which Christian Grey’s fatal flaws and overall creepiness are glorified throughout the trilogy, it’s just a hot mess.

    In the end we have to look at it for what it is, which is a stay-at-home-mom’s uninformed and slightly-less-vanilla attempt at creating some steamy scenes between two characters that already existed (Bella and Edward from the Twilight Series, which I actually don’t hate) that accidentally got popular. The only real downside to it now is that tons of young people are coming into the BDSM community calling themselves “Daddy” “Dom” “Sir” and “Master” without really having earned the title, and tons of other uneducated young people are falling for it and becoming “subs” “bottoms” “slaves” and “littles” to people who don’t really comprehend the full duties a Top of any kind has. It’s causing a lot of heartache and scaring a lot of people out of what would otherwise be a wonderful community by encouraging them to endanger themselves at the hands of what I can only describe as padawans who have yet to know what it means to be a true Jedi.

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    [quote quote=20684]No!!!!!! 50 shades is a fucked up miss informed novice understanding of BDSM. Come to me for the real thing.


    @lovecraft… uh… thank you for the invitation 🙂 . Actually, right now, I’m in school, but after I graduate, I’m planning on making another trip there.

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