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    Ashlee – The Morning of Gifts

    The highlight of my trip wasn’t even any of the parties that I had participated in but rather when I had a chance on the 5th day of my trip to catch up with and reacquaint myself with Ashlee. A whole slew of circumstances and bad timings had kept me from really getting together and talking with her up to this point. I had been in touch quite a bit prior to the trip out the she probably thought me to be a real bitch. Looking back on it, there are definitely some places where I could have done better. However, the morning of my 5th day would help bring things back into light.

    I had brought a number of things with me in anticipation of seeing Ashlee again. She had made a rather high impression on me the first time I meet her 3 years ago, almost to the day in January 2009. Shortly thereafter she had left and I never thought I would see her again but having learned of her return, I knew I would have a chance this trip.

    After having apologized the night before for he delay in making contact with her, Ashlee came walking through Sheri’s Sports bar where I was sitting, reading a book that Saturday morning and we got together to talk.
    The first item I had with me was a brothel token from 2005 on which Ashlee is featured. Surely she would know of this coin that she was pictured on from 7 years I thought but, much to my surprise she did not and she was so tickled pink to learn that she is on a coin. Running over to Suane, the bartender, with her coin in hand she said ecstatically, “I’m on a coin!” She wanted to know how she could get one. I offered her mine figuring I could get another but she declined not wanting to take my coin… this is classic Ashlee to me… always sensitive to the costumer. So instead I provided her with information that should lead her to a website where she could get it.
    Next, came a little surprise for her in which I had brought a gift for her. I knew she liked both blue and pink, last trip I gave her something in blue, so this trip I brought her a real nice pink butterfly necklace. She loved it and immediately asked me to put it on her. She looked so bright with delight with the new gift that she was now wearing.

    Finally, I had one more item along, this one was for me. It was a picture of Ashlee and Karli Brooks together in their Halloween costumes in Sheri’s bar that I have to thank Kristine for taking the picture and posting to make possible. I asked Ashlee to sign it which she did with a cute little saying tying into the Minnie Mouse costume that she had on in the picture. She then proceeded to get Karli Brooks for me as well so that she could also sign the picture; Karli had been little Miss Muffet. I will hold that picture dear for years to come.

    Ashlee is one of the most special ladies I have ever met, may you have the chance to find that out as well.

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