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    Recently (ok last night) I asked a friend if he wanted to go to a local strip club. I have been in this club several times and whenever I describe it to my friend he says “why dont you ever ask me to go with you”. So, I asked.
    As we get ready to enter the parking lot he becomes nervous. and when I ask what the problem is? He said “what if someone I know sees me?” so, how do you respond?
    I simply told him to look at it this was. for someone you know to see you, they must also be inside the club.

    Had a great time and went hoe alone. he went home with a dancer and he did not show up at work till afternoon.


    That has to be the longest lap dance in history, lol…

    Some friend… he wouldn’t let you tag along to watch and be the official photographer?


    Now you’ve created an addict. Haha


    I sure hope he thought “SAFTY FIRST”:////


    That’s one of the best thing’s about Sheri’. Virtually no worries on the way home. Except how you’re gonna’ be able to afford to come back…..quickly!

    Charina Lee

    I was a dancer for many years. In fact, I think I could write a book…..even a tell all as I met some celebrities that swore me to secrecy…But they didn’t know I had my fingers crossed. LOL. I should write a blog about strip clubs vs. a visit to Sheris Ranch!!!!!

    One thing I didn’t do was go home with someone that partied in the club. I know many girls that did! Also know many girls that absolutely wish they DIDN’T. It’s a safety issue all around. There’s physical safety, emotional safety and what I call “reproductive safety”…..

    Strip clubs can be extremely fun….but I’m so glad I don’t dance anymore….Unless I’m showing the ladies some of my custom pole moves! Like I said in other posts….I love playing the roll of “the teacher”….That includes teaching pole dancing! LOL.


    Charina Lee


    Please write a blog on your experiences at said clubs?

    Charina Lee

    Flint, I think I will start working on that tonight! I danced, featured danced, was featured at the AVN awards as a dancer, and played the part of a stripper in the main stream movie Lil Bruno! There would be a lot to write about. There’s the good, the bad, and the ugly to strip clubs. It’s funny, but to be successful, it helps if a dancer is youthful! However, to be successful, a dancer needs to have a lot of life experience and be very mature. So, it’s a real catchy situation as most of the young girls don’t have the maturity and most of the mature girls don’t have the youthful looks!

    I can tell you one thing for sure…..my arms and legs are probably stronger than most athletes! LOL.

    Hugs, Charina

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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