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    the 3rd degree

    I had to break this up into two parts, but this should be fine…I hope.

    A little context before I start this rundown on what was an impromptu trip to Nevada. I have had some issues with work for a while, as well as stuff going wrong internationally. Add to it, I was going to meet up with a courtesan before she retired. Unfortunately, she left a couple of weeks before my trip. With all this, I was not in that mode before heading to Sheri’s for a four day stay, certainly the longest time I’ve spent at the ranch. But what could have been a disaster, turned into the release I needed to get myself back. So here’s how it went:

    Day 1 was more of settling in & getting a feel for the ranch. After getting checked in, I went out to the bar & in my words, “let the night dictate what happens”. But mentally, I wasn’t ready to engage yet with all I had to deal with back home. It didn’t stop the ladies from trying. First up was Presley, a beautiful woman who was professional in her approach. We did make good conversation before her time was up. Next came Kaylani, a petite Asian lady who’s starting to get some love. Relatively new, she approached me with a smile & inquired about myself. All in all, it was fun chatting with her & definitely one for the rolodex. A curvy Latina named Stormy came by a few minutes later for her shot. Another pleasant talk, but I was still not there. Then came Georgina, a Southern blonde making her ranch debut. She was classy when we chatted, flirting peppered here & there for a little spice. I said I think about it, really think about it.

    The day wasn’t a complete failure. I got to know the new bartender, Matt. With a joke at the ready & the spidey sense on when to refill your glass, he would be a constant & stabilizing force during my stay. He’s a great addition to the ranch. Also, there were two ladies sitting at one end of the bar, entertaining the locals & potential customers. On this night, they would talk my way on occasion, just checking if I’m O.K. In some way, I appreciated that due diligence. So with a lot of intel to sort out, I finished Day 1 by turning in early.

    Day 2 at the ranch turned out better. Some of the problems from home and abroad got settled & I was able to score a ticket for a concert later that night. With my mind less cluttered & an event later on, if I was going to party, it would have to be that afternoon. So I’m back at the bar “letting the day dictate what’s next.” This time, I sat next to the two ladies from last night. We were still on cautious mode, but I was present & engaging in more lively conversation. One would leave for a bit, leaving me with an older, no nonsense, Southern woman. We talked for a while, when I heard the music in my head, telling me it’s time to party. So I asked if she wanted a shot at me. That’s when she formally introduced herself as Michelle. It took a few minutes before we went back to her room. While we were discussing terms, Michelle had an idea popped into her head. She wanted to see if her friend from the bar would join us. I wasn’t thinking threesome, but I was open to find out. So a few minutes went by when they both came in. The other woman said, excitedly, “Hi, I’m Cici.” My jaw dropped. I heard of Cici, I read reviews of Cici, but I never thought I would be in the presence of, in my mind, the myth that is Cici. It also showed how dense & inward I was at the beginning of this trip to not even notice Cici. This definitely changed the calculus of this first encounter. So I put out a number for a threesome with these two lovely veterans of the game. They accepted, we shook & off we went. The first thing they noticed was I was tense; back, shoulders, neck, etc. They had to literally loosen me up with a nice, hard massage. After that, they worked their magic. It was what I needed for this first party, sensual, not rushed & just fun all over, all within where my flow was at that time. Both Michelle & Cici were worth the wait. If it wasn’t for that concert later in the night, which I got to with a couple of minutes to spare, I would have extended gladly. A fantastic end to Day 2.

    To be continued…

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