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    Bailey – A Sensual Party

    I had been in touch with Bailey off and on before coming t Sheri’s and told her just a little of what I like. On the 1st day, Bailey dropped into the booth where my friend and I were seated. She made one feel absolutely relaxed and welcome. Bailey has an excellent way of keeping the conversation moving and will definitely make an impression on you. Bailey glowed as she talked and she spent a good deal of time just talking and, as she did so, made sure that everyone at the table was included in the conversation too.

    It would be my 3rd night that I would manage to catch back up with the very lovely Bailey and take her back to her room to negotiate a party. Again, Bailey, in her special GFE kind of way, makes one feel right at ease and arriving at an agreement was pretty easy. Since it was once again late, we decided the party would be for the next day.

    I arrived in Sheri’s bar a little early that day was relaxing in a booth when Bailey surprised me by being a tad early. I’m not sure if that is the norm for her or if it was just a nice coincidence but I didn’t need to call for her and, since we were both ready, we went back to her room. Bailey set a little mood music and continued to talk in her welcoming fashion and gently prepared everything for the party.

    Bailey is beautiful both inside and out and she started our party as we had agreed with a very sensual massage. Bailey’s fingers felt so fantastic over my entire body. As the party continued, there was no doubt in my mind why someone would be extremely lucky to have a party with Bailey; she is very attentive, attractive, and intelligent. Where her profile indicates True GFE, believe every word of it. Bailey can and will relax you in so many ways, and is a truly fun lady to be around.

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