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    My husband and I are coming to Sheri’s Ranch for our first threesome experience with each other. We are planning to message a particular lady, but will, of course, want to spend a little time together to get comfortable. Do you just buy a lady a drink, or offer to bring a meal to share together, or something, even if you do intend to make a date? Any time a lady spends with us is time that she is not spending with another customer, and we are acutely aware of this. We want to be respectful, but also be able to be relaxed when we do negotiations. My husband is rather shy. Is this typical for the ladies, or is it annoying for them? I hope this question makes sense.

    I will add in here a question on pricing (no, not illegal questions). I am unsure how the bungalows and specialty rooms work. Is this something included in the negotiations with a lady, or is more like a set price, similar to how a hotel room would be? Does a lady benefit from us choosing that option (as in, bluntly, will it increase the amount of money that she puts in her pocket, or the house alone)?



    I can only give our perspective as I was at Sheri’s last week with my wife for our first threesome.

    We had an appointment with Juna but had arrived early. The ranch madame met with us and give us some helpful information. We waited at the bar and Juna joined us. She sat with us and got to know us a little bit. She then took us on a tour of the facility which gave us more time to get to know her better and feel more comfortable with her. After the tour, we went to her bedroom for negotiations. I personally needed a little more time to feel comfortable and Juna did a great job at putting me at ease. My wife did not need any time as she and Juna hit it off very quickly.

    I didn’t do any research on the bungalows. To us it was far more important to have the time for the threesome as opposed to the setting. I will say that the bedroom was a little small and we might consider a bungalow in the future.

    I hope you and your husband have an amazing time. I know that my wife and I were shocked that our experience exceeded all of our wildest expectations (she rated it 11/10 and she is not one known for hyperbole). Enjoy!


    Amber Lynn

    @marvellady When you all visit the ranch, it’s always best to meet in the bar, chit chat for a bit, and get to know each other before clothes go flying…this way everyone is relaxed comfortable, and ready to have fun! Though it is nice to offer to bring diner, it’s not necessary.

    As for pricing, we are only able to negotiate specific rates in the privacy of our own room, behind closed doors. Every lady is negotiates differently depending on time, activity, ect.

    The bungalows are always a fabulous option, especially for a threesome! The bungalows are various themes, come with steak and lobster dinner, open bar, and are definitely the best option if you all are planing on a longer party experience! Choosing a bungalow verses a specialty room, or our own private room does not effect the amount of money we get, regardless of where you choose to play the split between us gals and the house is still the same!

    Hope this bit of information is helpful…when are you all planning to visit?



    Yes, thank you for the replies! Knowing that it is part of the negotiation vs just something the ranch itself charges on top is super helpful. If it didn’t pay the lady, we weren’t going to consider it. You answered exactly what I needed to know.

    We are coming the third week of September, sometime. We are staying on the strip, and just planning to come visit for a day.


    Amber Lynn

    My pleasure! Sheri’s is definitely the safest pace to play and explore your wildest fantasies! You all will have a blast! If I am here stop and say hello!



    Are there occasions when the ladies prefer not to eat?

    What are safe foods to bring for the ladies?


    Amber Lynn

    @gorilla…It really just depends on the lady. We all love to be spoiled with outside goodies, especially if we have been stuck in “pussy prison” for a bit! LOL! Your best bet would be to Sk the lady of your choosing if she has any favorites, and go from there.


    Angel Parr

    Most of us prefer to sit with our clients for a bit, especially with a couple, prior to our party, but as always we all work differently, so it’s best to email your lady of choice ahead of time and ask her what she prefers.

    Also, if you aren’t too nervous to do so, it may be a good idea to go back with your courtesan upon arrival just to get a general idea of each others expectationsn and then spend some time in the bar before your actual party, this way it’s nor a waste of anyones time. If you sit with a lady for an hour or so in the bar and then find that you two can’t come to an agreement then you have wasted the time that could’ve been spent finding the right girl for you and the ladies time that she could’ve spent with someone in her price range. If you just can’t get up the gumption to negotiate first then it is a respectfull courtesy to tip your lady for her time if you do not reach an agreement. This way there are no hard feelings and everyone leaves happy.

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