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    Sorry this is a little long and more details than probably necessary but I do tend to over share so here it is.

    Day 1
    I was planning on leaving town around 8 in the morning but apparently when I packed the car the night before I left one of the doors ajar and the battery ended up dead. I called a buddy of mine to come give me a jump and after driving back to his place to ensure the battery was charging I turned off the car and restarted it a few minutes later and it seemed fine and finally got out of town around 10. But when I made my first fuel stop ~5 hours later somewhere in Oregon the car would not start. Thankfully there was a good samaritan that was willing to give me a jump. Luckily there was an O’reilly’s nearby and was able to get a new battery and then was back on the road after that hour delay. Thank goodness this was the end of any car troubles and I resumed my attempt to try and reach Reno in one day. After another ~5 hours I reached Winnemucca for more fuel and questioned whether I should stop for the night but I was on a mission and kept going. I made it into Reno a little before 11 and it was a glorious site.

    Day 2
    After lunch I set off on the long drive to Pahrump but still less than the previous day. I checked into the Nugget and had dinner and gambled a little more before bed. I won back about half of what I lost in Reno so not that bad.

    Day 3
    After a quick breakfast and some more losses at the tables I headed out to play a round of golf at the lowest course in the world over in Furnace Creek in Death Valley. The course was in decent shape considering its location. There were some good holes but nothing so special as I would ever need to play there again. I left the course in the mid afternoon planning on getting to Mesquite for another the next day. Along the way I decided to stop in at Sheri’s to get a feel for the place before partying a couple days later for my birthday. I entered and immediately greeted by the madam and explained my plans. I sat at one of the booths and was soon joined by Fabienne who is a gorgeous woman from South Africa and again explained that I was just checking out the ranch today but planned on returning in two days. She offered to show me around so I could see some of the specialty rooms and the parlor. When we returned to the bar we parted ways so that I could speak to some of the other ladies. Red Diamonds was the next lovely lady to approach and being a ginger myself we had some easy talking points right away. It is difficult to describe but I was drawn to Red very quickly and we had a good conversation and parted ways after her allotted time with me was up. I decided to order some food before hitting the road. While I was waiting for my meal to arrive Izabella joined me and we didn’t get much time before the food came but she gave me the sense she would very easy going but unfortunately she would not be around when I returned in a couple days. After the meal I spoke with Red for a few more minutes and knew I would probably party with her when I returned. The drive to Mesquite was uneventful and I ended up staying at the Eureka. I went to the casino after checking in and again racked up the losses before heading to bed.

    Day 4
    Started off the day with a good breakfast and more losses this time at the slots as I was not having any luck at the tables. I headed out to Wolf Creek around noon and was paired up with a group that only had three guys. This course is rated as one of the best in Nevada and it is easy to see why. It was in great condition and the layout was very challenging even from the short tees at 5800 yards. This is far shorter than I am used to but told by all the staff I would have all the challenge I could handle from that distance and they were right. I was hitting the ball well but the score was not reflecting it. When the round was completed I had a few drinks in the bar to unwind and just take in the great view from the bar. I headed out about 7 to drive into Vegas. I checked into the Rio because I wanted to see Penn and Teller perform that night. The show was good as would be expected from those guys. After the show I hit the casino floor again and I really should have just gone to my room. I lost more in this one night than I had planned on gambling with the entire trip. But I was drinking and made poor decisions and lost at everything blackjack, craps, slots, you name I lost at it. The one thing that kept my spirits up was I knew that the next day was going to be spent at Sheri’s.

    Day 5 (The Birthday Celebration)
    I arrived at Sheri’s in the mid afternoon and was again greeted by the madam who recognized me from my earlier visit. Red was there sitting in the bar as if she was waiting for my return. We began talking and she invited Cassie with us to go discuss a party. I had not really thought about a two girl party but what the hell it doesn’t hurt to talk about it. The discussions went to what I was expecting and how much I could afford. I gave a number I had planned on spending but that was when I thought it would just be a single girl in one of the bungalows for a longer period of time. They came back with a number that was a great deal for what they were offering but I had to take a few minutes to think it over as it would push me to the max of my budget. But I thought what the hell its my birthday. When we got to the sixties bungalow I jumped in the shower to cleanup as the girls prepared the room. They had decided to start things off with a blowjob contest with me blindfolded. I was so nervous with anticipation. (quick side note this was just my second sexual experience because I just lost my virginity a few days earlier up in Reno) Although both felt great I had to pick a winner and it wound up being Cassie. We then moved on to the main course with Cassie riding me in reverse cowgirl and Red kissing on my neck as I played with her marvelous breasts. When we changed positons to missionary, still with Cassie I lost my erection cause I was trying so hard to make things last as long as possible. My nerves were getting the better of me but both ladies are such great professionals they took the time calmed me down and things got back on track. I was being instructed by Cassie on how to pleasure a woman with clitoral stimulation while doing doggy with Red. After a few minutes though Cassie could tell I was trying to do too many things at once and had me focus on finishing with Red while she continued to pleasure herself. It was by far the most pleasurable experience of my life. We sat there and talked, mostly them answering my questions. I cleaned up and headed back to the bar as the ladies cleaned up in their rooms. We all had dinner together as that was included with the party and after the meal I headed to my room at the onsite hotel as that was also include in the price. I took a quick rest as it was still early. I returned to the bar around 830 and spoke with both Fabienne and AJ but I got the feeling all the ladies in the bar knew I would not be partying again. I had a few beers and the ladies started to head off to bed as there was no other customers coming thru the bar on this night. After a little while Charina Lee invited me to sit with her and talk. She was pleasant fun to talk with. She ended up bring out a dessert for me for my birthday. It had apparently been made by one of the other ladies and she couldn’t eat it as she is lactose intolerant. After a little good natured ribbing from the bartender Chrissy Charina got up on stage to give me a birthday dance and it was very entertaining but maybe not the way you’d expect. As I prepared to leave the bar to check out the outdoor hot tub Red entered saying she couldn’t sleep and the hot tub was out of service. So we stayed inside and talked more but about what I can’t entirely recall. But what I can recall is Red is very easy to talk with. We parted ways and headed to bed.

    Day 6
    After my best nights sleep of the trip I headed to the office to check out and then to the bar for breakfast where I was the only person. The night before I had been informed that the ladies all had their weekly doctors visits. The food was good and well priced. I just wish I could have gotten a chance to say goodbye to some of the ladies. I headed out around 1100 to start heading home. When I stopped in Tonopah for fuel I was approached by a woman who needed a jump for her car cause she left her headlights on as she took a phone call. I was more than willing to pay forward the kindness that someone else showed me just a few days earlier. I continued the drive north and I ended the day in Winnemucca just to shorten my next days drive.

    Day 7
    I had an uneventful 10 hour drive home to complete the week.

    I don’t know when or if I’ll be able to make another visit but I sure hope that I can make another trip in the future.


    highlander, no need to apologize for that detailed travelogue. I wish i could afford that block of parties or even schedule a birthday sex party.


    Highlander, great trip. Red and Cassie are awesome. Thank you for sharing. Sheri’s is a special place. One question though. Which gave you the most satisfaction for the dollar, the casinos where you gave and received little or Sheris where you gave and had the time of your life with two gorgeous ladies. This not intended to take away from a great trip. Just food for thought for your next adventure. I’ve had to make that decision and I think you know how it went. Congrats on a great adventure.

    Red Diamonds

    Highlander, what’s up my fellow ginger!!!! Thank you for the very detailed review. I hope Cassie and I made your birthday extra special. We had fun and thank you for letting us sexually have our ways with you 😊😊😊😊🙌🏻😈

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