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    Brittney Ryder – The Officer and the Outlaw party!

    So it had been over a year since I was introduced to the San Diego cutie, Brittney Ryder by Alexis Ann and it would seem there was more of a connection than realized.

    Shortly after that trip, it occurred to me that a few of my friends back home would always tell me “Don’t Get Arrested!” every time I would make a trip west to Nevada. That became the inspiration and basis for the next costume party I would want to have at Sheri’s Ranch, and I decided to purchase a Sexy Cop Outfit with the goal of getting “arrested” my next trip. The pieces were all there; a party idea, the lady I was feeling would be great for it, and a costume. This led me to begin e-mailing Brittney off and on throughout the next year dropping bits, pieces, and hints about the party to bring her into the idea and allow for her to think about it. About 2 months from my trip, I painted her the full picture in a series of interactive e-mails. Toward the very end, I hadn’t heard back from Brittney due to a technical error so I wasn’t sure if Brittany was interested or not.

    Arriving at Sheri’s ranch, checking into the hotel and starting to make my rounds, a few obstacles presented themselves in getting time to speak with Brittney. Obstacles such as other parties she was selected for, line-ups, etc. It took awhile to find the opportunity get Brittney’s attention, so once I had it, I spoke with her to find out how she was feeling about the party and if she was interested in doing it. We realized it was going to take us both a step out of our comfort zone but definitely something we both wanted to pursue. We walked back to her room and negotiated a party where, at some point, she would make a surprise arrest in the sports bar to get the party started. Now one would most likely believe this would be the beginning to a BDSM type of party, however, this was not the case. Instead it would involve other activities I wanted to pursue. Though not requested, Brittany did continue to role-play the officer throughout the party so, I suppose, there was a bit of a dominant/submissive theme involved.

    To add to even my surprise, Brittney enlisted the help of others working at Sheri’s ranch including Shiloh, Laurie, and Marci. What she did was have them help with selecting music that included a siren, assist with making sure my friends would be in the bar when she made the arrest as one must have witnesses for this to work properly, and to utilize the red light in the bar to add to the arrest effect. They also waited for a point in time where I was so engaged in conversation that even I had forgotten it was going to happen so I was caught off guard.

    One of my friends indicated that “It was the best exit from the bar I’ve ever seen.” I also heard that after I left, friends of mine were asking the ladies still in the bar if they would arrest them next. I also heard that the other customers in the bar absolutely loved it!

    Brittney did not rush the party, was extremely fun and enjoyable to play with, and superbly exceeded my expectations for the time we shared. This is definitely a party for the books, one to be remembered, and within the top 3 to 4 parties I’ve experienced! Just don’t ask me to rank them, I can’t, and that is part of what makes them all so memorable.

    Brittney Ryder is such a doll, a cutie, a warm heart, and sensational woman. If you are considering her but are unsure, I’d recommend making the trip to her room.

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    Dude, that’s super creative, my hat off to you.


    It was hot!!!!! I’d let B-ride arrest me any day!


    allissa, you should get B-ride to arrest you… then make her learn your secret identity

    Brittney Ryder

    Stripe_pa. I had a blast arresting you in the bar. This was truly one for the books.

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