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    Hello all…I need a bit of help. I rooted and then un-rooter my previous phone with KingRoot. After removing it with the KR uninstall program, I would use multiple root checking apps, and they would all report that the phone was NOT rooted, but when I tried to update system files with WiFi update, it would error with a “Root has been detected, can not update device” message. I recently purchased a new phone with 6.0 and transferred my files and settings to the new phone and now am having the same problem with my new phone.
    What file/files does the system check in order to make that determination??? Is it something I can remove or edit with out a complete wiping and re-installation of Android??? King Root does not offer a rooting for my current phone where I could install and then try a removal on this phone.
    I was really hoping that with a new phone that I would be leaving that problem behind!

    Please help…

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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