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    Just a quick question: so if a lady does not indicate an activity (let’s say face sitting, for example), does that completely imply that it’s a no go for her on that activity, or is it still a possibility during discussion? I notice some ladies list a lot under the catering section whereas others list just the main activities (e.g. half and half).



    I would email the lady and ask her. It is possible she would consider it, or perhaps did not initially list it.

    Red Diamonds

    Hi Tony, just ask if we offer… Sometimes activities we offer aren’t on our menus

    Angel Parr

    Most of the time the ladies activity lists are up to date with her comfort levels, however nothings perfect. If you are interested in one particular lady but she doesn’t offer what you desire on her list then email her and ask, and if she still says no, you might be able to talk her into it for a little extra. For example, say the girl doesn’t list that they provide prostate massages, well she might not typically do so, but if you are willing to spoil her with a high budget, then she might be willing to push her boundaries a bit.

    Then again, you could always find a lady whom is open to anything safe, kinda like me! 😉

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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