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    Hey all.

    Finally posted my very limited Fall/Winter schedule so you know when I’ll be around for some highly sexual and cerebral adventure. Now available for play:


    Please don’t miss out!!!!! Just call the office to book a date with me. Hope to see you soon.



    We emailed about October but never heard back. Does it take some time to hear back when emailing the ladies. It will be our first time. (at a brothel that is) 🙂 Is it better to just come sit in the bar and meet everyone available? What is the best time to come?



    If you contacted a specific girl, she can only answer when she is at the Ranch working. Then I have been told they sometimes have limited access to e-mail to answer. I am a newbie and have been told this by other helpful people on the forums. I have also been told that it may be a good idea to e-mail more than one lady so you can see if you connect better with one. I have found through my very limited time here that all the girls have been great and nice. I to will be going for my first time and trust me, Sheri’s is the only place I will consider. Good luck and have fun. Hope this helps.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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