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    One week after the ranch opened back up, I had the honor of spending an afternoon with wonderful Lady Chasen. Before I took my trip, I was drawn to her sharp profile responses on Sheri’s website. So, I already knew that besides being beautiful, she was witty as well.
    On the day that I met Chasen in the bar, her eyes took my defenses down immediately. When she smiled at me with those eyes I knew it was going to be a special day. From there, we were in the Arabian Nights bungalow for the better part of the afternoon. She seamlessly read my body language and, as a result, everything was natural.
    She is also a great person to talk with about just about anything. Her calming energy makes outside stresses evaporate from your soul for a few days. I’m already planning my next party with Chasen in a few months.


    Thanks Paul. I have been thinking about parting with her, so I will be adding her to the list of ladies.

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