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    CiCi and Allissa – The Dynamic Duo

    Arriving once again at Sheri’s on Wednesday, a day early for my birthday, it would seem that even with the number of times I have visited Sheri’s, I was STILL a bit anxious and beside myself when arriving. Somehow I managed to check into the hotel and make my way out to sit at the bar. One by one, a few of the ladies made their way over to talk and there were some nice conversations.

    After a spell, however, I made my way over to a booth and asked Alethea, the hostess, if I could be joined by CiCi and Allissa; the conversation which I had been anticipating. When the two ladies arrived and sat down, it’s like something magical happened, my anxiety started to settle, the conversation really flowed, and there was a relaxing feeling. Both CiCi and Allissa are quite excellent at making one feel at ease. I mentioned to them about the Batgirl and Robin costumes I had brought and that they could keep them if we used them for a party together. They were quite ecstatic and enthusiastic about the idea! I knew I had the right ladies when they said: can you imagine what we can do with those costumes? At this point I needed to head into town and left CiCi and Allissa to wonder a little as to what I had in mind.

    Upon returning later, Allissa made her way over and we talked for a bit, decided to find CiCi and the three of us headed back to Allissa’s room, which had an excellent smelling fragrance, and began to talk about the party details. This was one of the most relaxing negotiations I had ever had; both ladies continued to create a very comfortable atmosphere where they make one feel at home. The three of us came to an agreement for activities and a time for the party the next day, which would be my birthday, to have the party.
    After I got back to the bar, a few of the ladies came over one by one and commented on how “more relaxed” I seemed. There were a few more very nice and interesting conversations with various ladies before turning in for the night.

    I set the alarm clock for breakfast the next morning… Like I needed to… while I did rest very well and believe I even slept a little, I also definitely recall being filled with what I would call a light adrenaline high, an anticipation for the party with this “Dynamic Duo.”

    The party would eventually take place in what I like to call the bachelor room, most would call the S&M room, because I prefer the stage, pole, and couches to the S&M equipment. After a spell in the Bachelor room, the party continued back in Allissa’s room. The “Dynamic Duo” of CiCi and Allissa performed attentively above my expectations which were already high and left me very pleased, fulfilled, and satisfied!


    That had to have been the most creative party I have shared with Cici, love it thanks for reposting Stripe!


    We both still have our costumes waiting to be worn again, just sayin 🙂


    I remember that review! Glad you brought it back, Stripe!

    Creativity, fun and frivolity! The world be damned…. We’re gonna live how we wanna live!

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