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    Clarissa Steel and Kelise: 2 Cheerleader Party

    After a fair amount of planning for a party this trip that would complete my last bucket list item, I found that one of the ladies I had booked cancelled about two weeks prior to the trip. My friend Deadpool and I looked at many different options including other ladies, other houses and possibly delaying the party until a future trip. It was the day prior to my last chance to party and I was all ready to delay it until the next trip when my friend Deadpool noticed a picture online that rekindled my interest in Clarissa Steel. I called Sheri’s Ranch and requested an appointment for Clarissa Steel and Kelise for that night. We also had plans to go see a former Sheri’s bartender, Jaynie, at a restaurant where she currently works. We got stuck in traffic for about 45 minutes on route 160 on the way into Pahrump. Not wanting to miss the party opportunity, we decided to skip going to the restaurant and go straight to Sheri’s Ranch.

    Entering the bar, we were greeted by Shift Manager Denise, mentioned that I had an appointment and that my friend would like to settle into a booth and order dinner while he waited for me. I sat in the booth as well until the ladies were ready. I had already met and spoken with Kelise previously in the week and felt a strong connection and she felt very real and genuine to me. So, it was my pleasure to find that Clarissa Steel arrived 1st, sat in the booth next to me giving us a chance to talk and break the ice prior to taking the walk back to their room for the negotiation. I was certainly attracted to her right away and slightly nervous speaking to her but comfortable. Kelise arrived, radiant wearing the dress I had purchased for her, sat down for a moment, just long enough to introduce her to my friend and then we took the walk to Clarissa’s room to discuss the party details. It was to be a party where I am found to be in a situation to watch one cheerleader removing her cheer-leading outfit without her knowing when her squad mate shows up and catches me watching her, asks me what I think I am doing, realizes I am attracted to her colleague and takes me over to her surprised team mate. Being flattered and now finding that both cheerleaders find that attractive, they seduce me into a three way. Both Clarissa and Kelise were interested in playing out the scenario so we worked out a price, did the DC and went to the office to take care of the business end.

    They took me outside to the courtyard and through the sprinklers to Playland where we could use the locker room and a few other amenities to play out the party scene. They had me shower in Playland while they went to their rooms to change and get various items they would need for the party. After the shower, I got dressed in my school colors and uniform and after a moment Clarissa arrived in her cheerleader outfit of matching school colors. We spoke for a little and decided she would be the one I would end up watching undress in the locker room. Once Kelise showed up we took a moment to pour drinks and set the mood. Clarissa worked her way back to the locker room to start her change and I followed, stopping at the corner to watch. She had her hair in pigtails and shimmied her hips a bit as she took her top off, her butt peeking out from under the rather sexy short skirt… she was ravishing! She got a little further along in her strip and my heart was beating at the sight when I felt Kelise’s hand on my back. Kelise slide around to face me and asked what I was doing? We had a small exchange, her eyes piercing into mine, then she said there had to be repercussions and exposed the fact that I was there to Clarissa. Clarissa reacted by placing her arm over her top and with a surprised look on her face. We exchanged a few more words and then they seduced me. Both ladies were beautiful and talented, making everything smooth and exciting. I recommend either, or both… I know I won’t forget this party and their skills.

    I mentioned my last bucket list item at the beginning, that being a two girl party with each of the ladies being about 1/2 of my age. I never mentioned that to either of them prior or during the party. I packaged it with some other things to add to the excitement. And now, having achieved this feel a sense of freedom. You see, everyone has a vice sometime in their life… it could be drugs or alcohol or smoking, I’ve had none of those and am not judging anyone who does. However, when I was introduced to Legal Prostitution In Nevada in 2005 after certain things happened in my life, I liked it and kept coming back. Though LPIN, I was able to answer many of my “bucket list” curiosities. With the conclusion of this party I finally feel free. Does that mean I will never party again? Not at all, not with experiences like the above. However, I do not feel the pressure for any given type of party at this point. In fact, I feel I’d prefer now to see ladies that I have partied with in the past, ladies that the experience went well, where we had a great connection, where we were able to communicate. Having already partied with certain ladies again in the past, I find it only gets more natural and better as you know each other. Clarissa Steel and Kelise are two ladies among roughly half a dozen still working that I would consider partying with again in the future. No strings, no gimmicks necessary, just having a good time.


    Really good review, stripe. I have a few bucket list parties I hope to have, before I stop going to the Ranch.

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