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    I know we have the modern conveniences of heating and air conditioning. But when it comes to pure, raw, animalistic sex would you rather get it on when it is blazing hot outside or does your motor run a little cooler? Devil or Snow Bird. Which are you. Show your work.


    Snow Bird… I like to create my own heat

    Red Diamonds

    Hmmm, I would say 74 is the perfect temperature for me to orgasm…. I find that too much heat can make it harder for some men to cum with me… I dislike cold weather so much that I will skip having sex in it.

    Charina Lee

    I love giving blowjobs in cold weather. From the reaction I’ve gotten, it’s pretty obvious that a cold member and a warm mouth and tongue REALLY is extra enjoyable!!!!

    But overall, for me….I like warm weather. I agree with Red Diamonds about too hot being a little tough on most men. But then again, there’s always an exception to the rule!


    Perhaps a contradition but warmer weather increaes libido but also makes it harder to cum. what to do?


    Another problem with hot weather over 100°F is people tend to perspire profusely, so a Lady’s room air-conditioning must compensate or both lovers are miserable. Cold weather is a problem too because junior wants to hide in his shell, but when he finally emerges he doesn’t engorge to his full potential. Blankets usually aren’t utilized due to sanitary measures requiring immediate laundering after a party, so a lot of extra sheets will be needed! I actually shiver uncontrollably when the room temperature is too low; however, on the plus side I’m like a human vibrator. I would say my optimum lovemaking room temperature ranges between 72°F and 88°F.

    Charina Lee

    I think getting “hot and sweaty” can be a rewarding feeling in the sense of saying “wow, look what just happened to us”….in other words, the sex was wild and fun! But for the most part, I really don’t want to sweat on someone or have them sweat all over me. Trust me, I can really get into it, but if I can do it in real comfortable conditions as firefighter has stated, I can really enjoy it even more! But trust me, cold, nice, or hot….I’ll find a way! he, he, he!


    I think summertime sex is the best. I love the warm weather. Perfect for getting naked!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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