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    I cannot believe that I am coming to Sheri’s Ranch in a few days.

    I am nervous but excited to arrive and see actually beautiful women in person.

    I am also nervous about driving there from the LAS International Airport. However, the GPS I recently bought from Amazon.com makes me feel better.

    Can anyone tell me how did you feel before or when you first arrived to Sheri’s Ranch? Were you nervous? Were you calm? Were you excited…?


    plenty of posts on this. most everyone is nervous their first time. I was mightly excited as well.


    My first trip to the ranch was nearly 2 years ago. My wife set it up to celebrate our 40th anniversary. At my age you would think my excitement and nerves would be controllable, but no chance. Didn’t sleep for 2 days in anticipation.

    The afternoon we arrived we sat in the bar for a couple of hours before checking into the motel. We got cleaned up and back to the bar to meet a beautiful young lady to celebrate our years with. I was so excited and nervous it hurt. Till that night my wife was the only woman I had been with. Turns out my wife was even more nervous than I was.

    When our date for the evening came to our table and introduced herself the nerves were calmed immediately. The excitement kept growing, but it was like meeting a dear friend for the first time. We have been back many times since to see the same lady and every time our encounter is more sensuous and intense than the visit before. She has made our marriage so much stronger and intimate.

    We have gotten to know many of the ladies and have brought a couple of them into our parties. We love them all and enjoy catching up when we visit. Everyone at the ranch is so friendly and welcoming.


    I was so nervous on my first visit that, driving down Homestead Rd., I had to pull over and wait for my hands to stop shaking. Once I arrived though, I lost my nervousness and became really excited.


    If you’re not nervous & excited driving up to the Ranch the first time, you might want to check your pulse! It still raises my blood pressure when I pull up and I’ve been there countless times, just know that’s normal and once you walk inside and sit down for a few minutes you will relax. That relaxation will stay with you until one of the beautiful ladies sees fresh blood in the bar and takes a seat next to you, again the nervousness is normal just stay calm and everything will be alright. Good luck! How long will you be staying?

    The Attorney

    On the drive over, I felt like turning around several times, even when I was driving down Homestead. Even sitting at the bar and talking with the first few ladies was very nerve-wracking. Despite studying the website and schedules extensively, I didn’t recognize the first person who I talked to, which made me even more nervous, but then I recognized the second person and immediately agreed to go and negotiate.

    Second time, a year later, was a piece of cake. I had made an appt. and knew exactly what to expect.

    My 3rd annual trip is coming up in a week – I had to change appts. several times over the last two months because of changing schedules at Sheri’s. I would check and make sure that the women you’re hoping to party with are still on the schedule. Have fun!


    We holidayed in the States from Australia and had planned our trip to Sherri’s for months. We were both excited and nervous. When the time came to visit, my wife was freaking out, having second thoughts and frozen in the car park.
    We were greeted by the lovely Paula who welcomed us in for lunch without having to make hasty decisions.
    We felt more comfortable in the darkness of the bar, took our time and met a number of the girls.
    Some questions were quite personal and confronting but when we spoke with Sabella she only made us feel relaxed and was not invasive at all.
    The negotiations were friendly and easy and she made our experience both enjoyable for my wife but also respected our boundaries and ensured my wife and I had our own private time.
    It’s natural to be nervous and a little anxious but once you’ve made the decision it’s not awkward at all and the girl you choose will ensure everything is fun and natural.

    Amber Lynn

    No need to be nervou…Sheri’s is fabulous! You will have the time of your life!


    How did it go? Hope it wasn’t as nerve wrecking and more enjoyable than you thought! Return visit gets even easier 🙂

    Angel Parr

    Well I’m not exactly a client but I can tell you that from my experience, almost everyone is nervous their first time here, you’re far from alone!
    We are all very good at helping you relax and unwind when you get here, part of our job is to make the client as comfortable as possible. There’s nothing to really be worried about, here you are kind of the king/queen of the dhow. When you arrive you will have a house full of beautiful women, all of which appreciate you for you, and want to ensure your perfect experience. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the view, nothing is out of reach and you can have anyone that you want, don’t be afraid, we only bite a little bit! 😉

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