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    Let’s say you’ve negotiated a party to include 2 orgasms. What happens after the first orgasm but before activities leading to the second begin. Take the first condom off, wash up, and put on a new one? Seems like a simple thing but I really have no idea.

    p.s. Today I’m ONE WEEK away from being at Sheri’s!!! I’m looking forward to it very much.





    Yup, that’s how it went for me (in my case, she preferred female condoms). Once you’re ready for round 2 (or three….or four), a new condom is put on or in and you’re good to go.


    baby bleu

    Hi baby! I’m sure no lady will make you sit where you splurge; absolutely change condoms after your first pop. How ever I’ve known ladies to to change condoms many different times ( i.e. each activity) through a party. But rest assure, we love a clean man! Shower as much as you like, maybe do an extended bubble bath party to make sure no whole is missed 😉 Can’t wait to see you here. Until then


    Angel Parr

    Well its very unsafe to use a condom after you climax so you will always need to change out. If you would like to shower you may, but I usually clean my client up with a baby wipe.



    Thank you, everyone. Very helpful as always!




    Always shower after you “pop.” I highly doubt she would have a problem if you going through like 3 or 4 condoms. They aren’t vampiric hustlers.



    That is a good idea , Diesel.



    Thank you for asking this question SpankyJ. Thank you also to those who replied. This is also a question I had since I intend to negotiate a multi-pop party.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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