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    Yes, countryboy has struck again. It all started with the Bordello Run being on my bucket list and I decided this would be the year. So I flew to Vegas, rented a Harley Davidson just like mine at home, and prepared for the ride. Well guess what? It was the worst day Vegas had in quite some time and the run was cancelled due to rain. But I am from upstate New York where it was snowing. Hell, a little rain can’t hurt you. So I waited for the rain to taper off some and headed to Pahrump on the Harley. And my main focus was the lovely Brittney Ryder.
    Well after checking into a hotel and getting a little rest, I headed to the Ranch to meet the lady. Brittney was tied up in another party and asked Allissa to entertain me for a while; and she was so sweet. Yep, you guessed it; I couldn’t have a party without part of it including Allissa. You can read my reviews for Brittney and Alissa; but I will say here what a wonderful evening it was. Can you imagine gentlemen, getting down and dirty with sexy Brittney and then finishing with both of these sexy beings? It was awesome. And they let me be me. It was just like I like it; an old fashion “dick down”. 🙂
    And as all you gentlemen know, all the ladies are wonderful and you can’t go wrong no matter who you pick. Cheers everyone!


    welcome back, CB. Did not think about an Allissa/Brittany party until now. How did it compare to your prior tweo girl parties?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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