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    Hey guys.
    First timer here. I will be visiting Vegas from May 27 to 30. I have few dumb questions.

    1) Can I make a reservation with a lady and then change/cancel it later? (Before/after coming there)
    2) I might get a ride form my hotel to Sheri’s from a friend. Does sheri’s complimentary cab service give return ride?



    Yes you can do that, although I recommend doing it as soon as possible. If you are uncertain about a lady, why not talk to her in the bar? if it does not work out talk then to other ladies.
    It is not a cab, but does provide a round trip as I can attest to many times.


    Hi Luf CT,

    Like Flint had stated, yes you can make a reservation and either cancel or change it later. Obviously, the sooner the better. But once you get down to the ranch you can grab a drink and some food at the bar and request a line-up of the ladies, that way you can connect with them before making the big decision. The hard part is picking WHICH lady, as all of them are just wonderful!

    For your second question, Sheri’s does indeed give complimentary limo service with a full stocked bar! Just make sure to check the box for “Yes I would like to reserve a Complimentary Limo To and From” when making your reservation online!

    See you soon!



    You know…I’ve never heard of a time when someone only took the limo back to Vegas. Does this work?



    Did we answer your questions to your satisfaction?



    Yes. Thank you Montana and Jenn :-). But I still did not get the answer for the return trip. So I am assuming there’s round trip or no trip policy?



    Probably best to call them directly and ask about their trip policy over the phone.



    if your frined is driving you to the Ranch, why can’t he hang out for the time you are partying and drive you back?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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