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    I want to visit here in mid-September with my wife. I wanted to provide her liberation and help her to have fun. This is to get rid of mental block of sex and treat it as normal way of life….

    Can this place be of help or I am thinking wrong?


    Of course we can be of help, although your wife is the driving force behind how the party works out. If she’s excited about it, it’ll be great 🙂

    At Sheri’s, we get a LOT of couples! I was very surprised the first few days I was here, because I saw more couples than single men!


    Thanks for the reply. That is very great to know. Can you let me know what will the cost look like.
    1. If she first sees a sexual act between 2 girls.
    2. Gets into act with them.

    In both cases I would be there to see !!

    Amber Lynn

    The ranch is the perfect place for couples to explore their sexuality together, let all inhibitions go, and have fun! When in September do you plan on visiting?


    They can only discuss costs in person in their rooms at the Ranch. These ladies will cure any sexual ailment or blockage!


    Pierced is correct. Please feel free to shoot me an email if you are interested 🙂 you found the perfect place to spice things up!


    I too am curious as to how this all works. I want to surprise my husband and come to Nevada and stay in the Romance Suite. We both want to try a threesome with another female but I am a bit nervous. Do we book the room via the reservation link and then email the girl we are interested in. What’s your best advice? I plan to bring him out there in November for a weekend. He is more interested in seeing me interact and then participating..


    I would first find a lady that suit both of your needs? Are you certain that once he watches you and she engage in erotic activities that he will want to participate? I do not think that you need to book that suite too far in advance but the office would know better.


    I would book your room by calling our office it is best to do it before hand just be sure because there are not many hotel rooms in Pahrump and we do sometimes get full during events. You may book the reservation with the lady then if you already have your mind set. Your intimate time with the lady will not be in your suite it will be in the ladies room or in our bungalows. your personal suite is great to get the action ready before and continue after! If you dont have a lady chosen try emailing a few that will be there during your stay and if you do have a lady email her to let her know of your plans and assure she is available. Good luck!


    I’m new at the brothel (I’ve spent two weeks here so far) and although I haven’t been with a couple yet I can tell you a lot of couples come in here and a lot leave very happy! The girls here know how to please and when I get my hands on a couple finally I can’t wait to continue that reputation!! 🙂
    -Jayla Diamond


    October 15-20th

    Charina Lee

    Couples are so much fun! Jayla’s right. They always seem to leave with big smiles!


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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